Sunday, 17 October 2010

How to get perfect curls

ETA: My hair is naturally curly and this is how I get my curls looking perfect.  If you have straight hair and are looking to curl it, I can't help, sorry!

This is my own tried and tested method and it has never failed me, regardless of however many different shampoos I use.

When I go on my massive bouts of "no straightener use", I do this procedure about once a week.  When I do straighten my hair, I do it about once a month.

Here's what you do:

Make sure your hair is dry and in need of a wash.

Whack on some clothes that you don't mind getting current attire is a Dangermouse t-shirt.

Pick up a few hair clips (I use a mixture of these and these, which by the way, are really good.  They don't pull at your hair or anything..and they last ages, I've had mine for about 3 years now).

The mixture is a result of trial and error.  It has worked for me for the past three years.  Quarter a tub of Tresemme Moisture Rich Treatment and three quarters a tub of Boots Ingredients Camomile and Lemon Balm Intensive Hair Mask..  I have done some experimentations with this and you can substitute the Tresemme deep conditioner for any other in their range but the Boots conditioner I use works best.  It's best if the mixture is more yellow than white.

Get a glob in your hand and smooth it through your hair.  Comb your hair with your fingers and then with a comb.  As I'm a hard nut, I go straight to the finer toothed part of the comb.  The first few times I did this, I did use the thicker part first and then the thinner part to get rid of any leftover knots.  You can feel the mixture smoothing your hair as you go.

Your hand will hurt a bit. That fleshy part of the palm always starts to wimp out but I keep it together.

I find that the knots are worse on the ends and at the nape of the neck so I pin up what I've already sorted through and then add more conditioner there and work through it.  This is why you need the clips.  It is messy work!

Do this to both sides.

Pin up all your hair, you will look stupid so it's best to do it at a time when nobody will call.  What this time is, I don't know because I've always been interrupted whilst looking this sexy:

Leave it on for as long as you wish, I find that 20 minutes is enough but when I want to give my hair a real treat, I leave it on for a lot longer (it's been 2 hours today).  There's no funky smell or anything and you can go about your (at home) business as you please.

Then comes the washing off part.  Now, you've had a deep conditioner on your head for the best part of either 20 minutes or a lot longer.  A normal shampoo won't cut it.  You need a good clarifying shampoo, I tend to use this:

This is quite hard to find sometimes so I do also use this one by Pantene.  

Wash your hair using the clarifying shampoo.

You need no other shampoo.

Let your hair dry naturally and this is what you will have:
This photo has only been edited to add my text, my curls are as smooth as they look in the pic when I follow this method.
They stay this way until you wash them again..


  1. wow. but don't the curls disappear once you wash your hair with shampoo? :-S just a silly question

  2. Your hair looks so shiny!!!!!! Your curls are amazing with no heat, I shall try this! I have naturally curly hair but they're much tighter and frizz prone so fingers crossed it works! x

  3. I just have a little question when you first put the treatmemt in is your hair wet? Also where do you buy your tresseme and revlon shampoo. Can't wait to try this out myself.

  4. wow, your curls look gorgeous! wish they had all those products available in Canada :(

  5. wowza!!! u have amazing curls in ur hair, my hair is kinda wavey and curly and sum parts even straight, its like the worst type of hair, dya reckon this mite work? lol

  6. Birminghamlady: It would do if your hair was naturally straight, I've edited the post up to show that my hair is naturally curly.

    Nicola: When I first started doing this, my curls would vary from wash to wash (sometimes really tight and sometimes like waves) but this sorts them right out. I find you have to use a lot more conditioner if your hair is curled tighter, it all helps with the end result.

    Pinkalishy: I put it into dry hair but dry hair that needs a wash, it doesn't work on clean hair..I tried.

    Saimese: Thanks! You could always try and come up with your own products, I found this method out through trial and error :)

    Amina: It should do, my hair used to do that sometimes when I started harcore straightening it and this fixed it up with no problems. I'd suggest using less conditioner though as the less curly your hair is, the less I find it can take.

  7. so shiny and smooth! My hair is ridiculous, the top layers are straight and rather stiff, and the bottoms are curly ringlets, but I'll give this a go :/

  8. So smooth and shiny! My hair dries naturally curly if I have product in it but it's always frizzy. Might give this a go! xx

  9. Wow - the result photo is totally selling your formula :) Bet it feels fab wearing curls when they're as beautiful as they are on the photo !

  10. Very nice! Could you tell me if the conditioner products have silicone in 'em? Thanks for sharing!!


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