Saturday, 4 September 2010

Review: Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Gel

You may or may not know that I recently (accidentally) blinded myself in the pursuit of blending heaven.
 As a direct result of this, I decided to see if I could get on with a gel remover.  You all know I am pants with my liquid removers and pads seem such a waste.

The logic in my mind was thus: "The pads from this range worked well on me so I hope the gel does, too".

My eye managed to mend itself in record time according to the doctor and so I was allowed to wear makeup from Tuesday onwards.

 What do Boots say?
"Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel comtains extract of cucumber to help gently soften and soothe your skin."

What do I say?
In short, I love it.

It does everything it says it would.

It doesn't smell "sharp" and is nice and gentle on your eyes. It doesn't really have a strong smell, the moisturiser from the same range really stinks of cucumber but this is quite pleasant.

Some pads sting me slightly but neither the pads by this range nor this gel have done this.  It moisturises the eye area nicely and you don't have to pull at your eyes to get the makeup off, all you need to do is swipe and you're good to go.

I have been wearing a primer, two eyeshadows, mascara and eyeliner pencil.

I use this to remove the product at the end of the day.

I also have a habit of putting my foundation on the back of my hand and then dabbing my brush in it and applying it.  I'm often left with the option of wiping it off with a tissue, which never gets the job done properly.  I've been applying this to the back of my hand and taking it off with a tissue and it removes foundation adequately.

It is also very soothing, more soothing than any other eye makeup remover I have ever used.

I pour a little bit of the gel onto a cotton wool pad and smear it around with my finger.  Apply that to your eye and the makeup melts underneath it.

You only need to use a tiny tiny bit and it gets all the product off.

The best part is, it only costs £1.39!!

Repurchase? Er..yes!


  1. I have this but I have the opposite opinion on it! It doesn't seem to do anything on me, the cleanser in the blue bottle (the fragrance free one) does a better job! It doesn't get rid of my mascara at all - it isn't even waterproof!

  2. I will so be purchasing this!

  3. I feel I'm going to buy this too :D x


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