Wednesday, 21 July 2010

2true Cover 'n' Conceal concealer: UDPP on a budget

This has featured on a lot of my EOTD posts recently and I have had some people ask my why I'm using it instead of UDPP or my Jemma Kidd primer.

The short answer is because it's brilliant.

You'd be right to wonder why someone of my skintone would buy something which was clearly not going to match.

Well, my mum wanted a new concealer so she picked up this and the liquid version.  Her skin is far lighter than mine.  Her third item was a nail polish which we were also impressed with.

Anyway, my mum liked the liquid one more so this one was sitting there unloved and I decided to liberate it.

I thought I'd try out the old "concealer as an eyeshadow base/primer" adage and this held up very well.

It looks yellow when I put it on my lids, I know there is no way in hell it will match the colour on my lids but after blending it out a bit, it's perfect base shade.

You need to let it dry properly as it can be a bit sticky if you don't.  You also get a bit of tack if you put too much on but it's easy to estimate how much you need.

I'm not impressed with it being called "dark" though, I can't think of a single brown or black girl who could use this (successfully) as a concealer.

This really delivers as a primer as it keeps my eyeshadow on all day long and doesn't get in the way of blending at all.  I found that UDPP sometimes made my shadow look chalky and would change the colour but this doesn't do that.

I can't figure out what the single best thing about this is, how little you need or how cheap it is.

It cost me a bit less than £2 and Superdrug have always had it in stock whenever I've been in.

I'd fully recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheaper version of UDPP as it really works for me, it lasts an age (both usage wise and on the lids) and it's cheap.

I've been using mine pretty much non stop and it only looks like I've used it once or twice.


  1. I've seen this but not tried it. I'll be running out of my Maybelline cover stick soon so I think I'll give this one a go. x

  2. Ooh interesting! I've got tonnes of eye primer to use up but afterwards i'll definately try this.
    Also i guess it's called 'dark' not because it's actually useful for any dark skinned people but because it's the darkest colour they do :/


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