Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Never Ending Foamy Exfoliator

Many moons ago, me and a certain blogger were talking about random things and she happened to mention a foamy body moisturiser that she picked up from the Pound Shop.

At that time, I had taken a dislike to body butters as they never seemed to sink in so this foamy thing could have been the answer to my prayers.

I trotted off to the Pound Shop and came across the foamy moisturiser but I also found a foamy exfoliator.  I had never ever seen a foamy exfoliator before and was intrigued as to how it would could it? Foam is soft and exfoliation requires scrubby bits..

I duly bought it and have been using it on a weekly basis ever since.

It was the name which intrigued me most of all, PORE REFINING mousse cleanser..which has micro crystals in it.

I thought that this was a gimmick, how could foam exfoliate your skin?

Anyway, I've been using it since I bought it and I have only good things to report on this.

I use it whenever my skin feels a bit dull and it does leave it feeling cleaner, it actually looks more perked up and my pores do look smaller with continued use.

Foam can sometimes leave your skin feeling a bit tight and dry, this doesn't really do that unless I use too much of it and even if it does, I use a moisturiser afterwards which brings my skin back up to a nice "finish" (can you tell we have been doing a fair bit of DIY recently? I've been dropping DIY terms in everywhere).

The directions say to push the pump down ONCE and no more, I think once is a bit too much because I seem to get too much product so I push it down half-way.  The pump has yet to get clogged and even if it did, I'd just rinse it with water (that's what is suggested on the back).

This cost me the grand sum of £1 and it just lasts and lasts and lasts, I have had it since about January and it is nowhere near finished.  You know when you shake a product and you can tell that you've used it? You can't tell with this, it still feels full.  I have had other foam products where you could easily tell that they were nearly finished.

I have normal/combo skin and this is the one aimed at my skin.  Olay do do one for normal/dry skin, it comes in greeny packaging so all skin types are catered for.


  1. I've never seen this before! Looks interesting! I'm a sucker for a foamy product, so long as it doesn't dry me out.

  2. wow poundland has loadsa great fings, i dont av one near me though, maybe if i pass one ill keep a look out for this x

  3. I trotted off to the Pound Shop = loved this expression. never heard it before. haha. (i am french by the way)
    i like the sound of this product
    thank you for the review, i want to try it now xx


  4. Olay makes some great products but over here (USA) they can be pricy. I'd like to try this if I come across it and I wish I could find it at the dollar store, but know that ain't happening.

  5. Yinka: I find it to be a very good foamy product on a budget, it only dried me out a tiny bit when I put too much on, they say one pump but that's too much for my skin, I use half and would, in an ideal world use a quarter pump.

    Amina: When I say Poundshop, I mean any of the following: 99p, Poundshop and Poundland so have a look in any of those.

    Liloo: Ha, thanks! It's a really strange product, it's smooth but has "grit" in it, which is also smooth? It's hard to explain but it does work.

    Donna: A lot of Olay stuff has shot up in price over here too, they have moisturisers for £30 and they never used to have such a wide range before. I have never seen this advertised at all so maybe that's why it is in the pound shops. I think there were a few on ebay.


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