Friday, 24 September 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes...



Whenever I get them threaded I always promise myself that I will keep on top of the regrowth and I never do, I'm going to check this post whenever my brows get out of shape hoping that it will motivate me to actually getting them done.

I find that aloe vera gel is brilliant for soothing the brow area as mine is quite sensitive.  I slather on the gel and let it sink in itself.  I never get the temptation to itch and the area is nice and non spotty the day after.

Do you thread, wax or pluck?


  1. I used to get my eyebrows threaded every other weekend and pluck in between. But I don't know anywhere that threads here as I'm in France at the it's back to plucking! :/

    Natalie x

  2. Neither :P

    I'm going to try aloevera gel though - waxing irritates the crap out of my legs :-/

  3. Neither :P

    I'm going to try aloevera gel though - waxing irritates the crap out of my legs :-/

  4. i thread my eyebrows. i try to get them done every 2 weeks. pluck them myself when required. Is waxing a better option......does it last longer or look better?

  5. Threading gives such a nice, defined look. I get them done every week, that way I don't have to keep on top of plucking as they do it for me. It's only £2, so may aswell haha!

  6. I love the feel of getting my brows threaded, i always say that too, i just dont av the time to keep goin bak to get my done, tho i thread at home to keep em tidy its not the same as havin someone else do it for u. to keep it spot free and non irratating i just apply some toner over the are straight after threading

  7. Loving the brows! I pluck mine but I think threading/waxing is much neater x

  8. Your brows are great girl! I like to pluck mine, easy peasy it is.

  9. I used to get my brows threaded every week, which was really a pain in the behind! Nowadays, I rather pluck them when required, I find it really convenient for myself and my plucking technique has also improved a lot :D

  10. I wish I had brows as lovely as yours to pluck or thread. I've destroyed mine over the years!

  11. I am the same as you. As soon I get mine threaded, I do stay stay on top of plucking it every night to keep it looking tidy, but after a week I just let myself go. After a couple of weeks, I find myself with a big mother bush. Haha x

  12. Oh, threading k i l l s me. I'm a wax-it-off-quick kinda girl. Can't handle the fact that pain is so painful :-P With my two little ones, I tweeze between visits to keep it from looking like caterpillars live on my forehead.

    Thanks for your sweet comments at my blog. I always enjoy them.

  13. Old Cow: My mum has been a plucker for ages, her lashes turned sparse because she over plucked but she's left them alone because I keep telling her she looks silly. I'm a threader for life, I don't have the patience for plucking!

    Ki: Try it, it's really good!

    sim21: From what I've seen, threading is better. I know people who have waxed and due to the pulling of the delicate skin around the eye because of waxing, their eyes are all droopy. You don't get that with threading. The same is true for your upper lip.

    Shameera: Mine cost me £2 as well but it's the time thing I have issues with.

    Amina: Toner used to break me out, I used aloe vera gel on the off chance once and since then I have used nothing else.

    Une Tasse: Thanks! Have you ever tried threading?

    GetGawjus: Thank you! Your brows are always looking on point, I should learn to pluck between threads, less pain when I actually get them done!

    TheBeautifier: Once a week?! Wow, that's dedication! I used to go once a month when I was younger but they started growing a lot faster and now I just don't have time to go twice a month so I need to pluck at home.

    SkinScrubs: Thank you! They used to be fuller but they're getting a bit sparse now so I'm going to start oiling them as that worked for my mum. You should try it, mix castor oil with coconut and apply it every night.

    DesignerSpray: I saw them in the mirror this morning and saw they have grown back a bit so I'm going to get home and MAKRE SURE I pluck them!

    Amnah: I don't trust waxing for some reason, you just need to find a person who has actually been trained in threading, the lady who does mine is trained and she doesn't hurt at all, the lady who works with her however is terrible. I try and go in when she isn't there becuase she hurts like hell.


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