Sunday, 12 September 2010

Apples, Dots, Pencils and Chocolate

This week has been a very long week.  I try and sneak onto Twitter during the working week but this week, even that little joy has been denied.

Usually, come this time on a Saturday, I can remember what I was doing at work on Monday but that isn't the case this week.

Here's what I've been enjoying this week..

 I bought this on Monday as a replacement for two reasons.  The first being to replace my Rimmel pencil which ran out.  The second being that when work gets stressy, I take solace in makeup.  I'm just happy that I went to Boots before John Lewis because I'd have spent way too much there.  I am loving this pencil, it's nice and smooth and lasts a whole does transfer though so you do have to be careful of that.  It works really well in place of a liquid/gel liner too, you get a really nice, pigmented, smooth line.

I do not know who bought these into the flat though logic dictates that if it wasn't me then it must be Simon.  I don't know where they're from but I'm assuming Borough Market as that's where he goes when he buys fruit and veg.  They are really nice, I think they're my perfect apple.  I'm quite funny about apples, they can't be too sweet or too acidy and they can't be soft.  I hate soft apples and pears. I remember back in the day telling Simon that I liked pears that "hurt when you swallowed"..I shan't type his (filthy) response here.  Talking of pears, don't you hate the ones that taste of nothing? Literally, all they taste of is water...sludgy, warm water.  Anyway, now you know what I look for in apples and pears, I am sure you will sleep easier at night.

I've been having some right neck problems as of late due to the fact that Simon seems to be unable to understand the fact that my big old head needs some support.  He never ever uses the memory foam pillows because he doesn't like them and thus I have to suffer with wimpy duck feather ones..which, by the way, don't split open the way they do in comedies (we have conducted experiments).  I've managed to get my own way and use my memory foam pillow and my neck problems have totally vanished.  In addition to that, I am loving this new bed sheet set.  It was a right bargain and really brightens up the room.  I can't be doing with ironing the sheets as they straighten themselves in a day or two.

Photograph from Gu website.
I saved the best til the end.  I saw these on offer in Sainsburys on my way home and I bought about a million.  They have all finished.  I bought them on Tuesday I think.  They are hands down the nicest puddings EVERRRRRRRRRR.  I even ate Simon's one when he was on the phone to his mate.  You snooze, you lose is a phrase we live by in this flat.  He dives into his and has to eat all three layers at once whereas I go layer by layer which is odd because when we have ice cream and cake, he eats them separately whereas I have to mix and match, 

What gets you through those stressful weeks?


  1. My pillows are the goose feather stuffed ones. I also tried to the do the whole pillow fighting thing to see if the pillow casing would open and the feathers would fly out. Pfft, silly movies getting my hopes up high!

    Hmm, what gets me through a stressful week? Probably a lot of moaning on Twitter and lots of strawberries and blackberries. Which you probably won't like as they're way too soft :P

  2. mmmm those puddings look amazing!!
    i have to admit, buying new makeup and skincare products gets me through a stressful week, as well as lots of comfort eating, like i could eat for an army lol

  3. Amina: The puddings ARE amazing. I nearly passed out when I saw them on offer and yay! pretty makeup always makes things better.

    Designer Spray: I know! I thought I'd test it out on Simon so I hit him from behind (ooh er) and nothing came out of the pillows, I wasn't impressed!

    I like strawberries but not blackberries (too tangy). I have no beef with soft fruit which is meant to be soft, apples and pears aren't!! (I'm a fruit expert in my spare time of course).


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