Tuesday, 17 August 2010

This month I have mainly been..

Given a very nice shade of  nail polish from my Grandmother.. (if only the staying power of the polish was as strong as the staying power of the aforementioned Grandmother).

Going food shopping and finding some brilliant bargains (it was originally £8)

Eating far too many of these..and I mean far too many, I ate three in one evening.

Stabbing myself with a quick unpick (cucumpuck to the Indians amongst us) whilst trying to liberate a mascara.  It was a futile mission as the mascara isn't that brilliant but it DOES hug your lashes.

So, I ask you:


  1. What a fab post, man if only wer to find bargains like that (mind u, itd help if i actually went food shopping lol)

    hmm, lets c, this month iv had a week off work, but hardly feels like it!

    the start of ramadhan - not goin so gr8 since iv got a stomach bug + a fever!

    Bought a new maxi dress which im in love but cnt wear becoz the weathers been shit since n now im off sick

    so far the months been a funny tbh.

  2. Hmmmm...
    I have been sleeping a lot!
    I have celebrated my mom's name day
    Aaaaaand for the past 3 days I've been studying inorganic chemistry ...
    while the temperature outside is around 40 Celcius!

  3. pretty nail polish :) I love those Mr. Kipling cake bars, I've eaten the whole packet in one go before!

  4. That's a lovely top. I never find anything good at the supermarket *sulk* xx

  5. The nailpolish color is cool!
    This month I put my interest more onto buying a new smartphone! :) and starting a blog :)

  6. Iv been doing a bit of online shopping on coastal scents. reading eat, pray , love- enjoying the delhi rains , and got a hell of a bargain at a charity event where i bought a strapless dress for 100 INR (2$)!!!

  7. hey is the body shop mascara really good? am planning to buy that. lovely blog.am a follower now. hope u get the time to drop by mine and become a follower too. just starting out. take care. bye

  8. Amina: Haha, I never ever used to go food shopping when I lived with my parents (I still don't like going now) but I give people extensive lists of what I want. The only reason I went out this time was because I needed some toner. I couldn't believe my eyes when this top was so cheap, I bought two!

    I thought if you were ill during Ramadan that you didn't have to do it? Good luck with it because I know I couldn't do it!

    Ria: Studying Chemistry? Sounds like fun! You're lucky you have some heat there, the weather here is all over the place.

    Welldressedbeauty: Thank you, she bought a perfume from Duty Free and got the nail polishes for free and gave them to me and my cousins. I'm quite happy I nabbed this colour because it has a really nice lavender undertone but it chips way too fast..and re, the Kipling bars, they are GORGEOUS but I couldn't eat them all because my brother was on fridge watch!

    Une tasse: Thanks :) It has twisted a bit on the hanger but it's like a vest from the front and the back is lace down to the middle of the back. I thought it was a fiver originally but when I got to the till, it came up as this price so I grabbed another one.

    Desi and the City: Interesting! A new blog to check out, too :)

    Mehak: That is a bargain! I love it when it rains in India because I've never ever seen it just rain slightly, it always comes lashing down.

    Indianmakeupways: Hi, the mascara isn't very good. It does give you some coverage but I don't think it is worth the asking price, if you have thick lashes it is ok-ish but nothing spectacular. However, the brush is really good as it really hugs your lashes and they get coated, if the formula was changed it would be a winner. I personally, wouldn't buy it.


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