Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How I made my own toner

I decided to make my own toner after I couldn't find my current favourite in any Boots' store.

This is the story of what happened.

First, the characters..

What became of them..
The happy ending.
A little bit less than half of the Tesco toner, a little more than half of the rosewater and a about a capful of the citric acid powder.  I only used more rosewater than toner because after originally doing half and half, I felt my skin was a bit tight and dry so I amended it.  If you have combo skin, I'd suggest doing that but if you've got normal skin then keep it at half and half.

Works just as well my old Skin Tonic and worked out a lot cheaper!

ETA: I've had some comments asking me where I got the items from so I'll tell you.  I got the toner from Tescos (duh) but any alcoholic, bog standard toner will do.  The citric acid is from the Indian shop but I'm sure you can find it in any supermarket.  Likewise, the rosewater is from the Indian shop too but I've seen it in supermarkets. 


  1. This is cool. Would love to try it. hey can i ask u summin which camera are u using? the pics are really stunning.

  2. Oh thats a great idea.Would try this at home.

  3. Well done! I embrace the initiative of making our own facial toners! I will have to try myself.

  4. I think making your toner is probably a more effective way of finding something that works for your skin than buying lots and finding none of them are really perfect. I now use distilled witch hazel mixed with tea tree water. Just wish I had thought of it sooner! x

  5. LOL, I have no idea where to get any of these ingredients but glad that they work out for you!

  6. This is so cool, dunno where i would get all tht from though...

  7. Good idea! I used to just use rosewater as a toner, it worked pretty well but yours with the additions is bound to be tonnes better :)


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