Monday, 16 August 2010

Pore form!

I know, I know..what a pore joke.


I'm forever banging on about pores. Pores in the morning, pores in the evening, pores all over the damn shop.

Why are some products called pore perfectors and others called pore minimisers? I know you can't get rid of pores full stop so shouldn't they all be called pore minimisers? If pores were perfect, they wouldn't be there!

I bought a pore minimiser the other home and realised I also had a pore reducing serum that I'd never used so I decided to put them both to the test.

I should point out that one is marketed as a pore minimser and one is a marketed as a pore minimising serum.  I'm not too sure what the difference is there but the instructions on both aren't identical.

The first is this baby, L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Serum:
I'm not too sure where this came from..I assume either Boots or Superdrug.  Going by the hazy nature of its acquisition, I'm not sure of the price.

This is marketed as a serum and the instructions state that you should put it all over your face but not near your eyes.

I take issue with that, for the following reasons:
It says smooth all over your face but not the eye area..I count the eye area as stopping where the eye socket bone is.  So I didn't put any there but instead whacked it over the rest of my face.  It stung me so bad I had to remove both it and my moisturiser.

So now I have pores which are being minimised and pores which are being left out..not the results I really wanted.

Anyway, once you've had a bit of trial and error with it, how does it hold up?  Hmm..I like it BUT I have to be careful when applying it due to the sting factor.  It does minimise your pores and it keeps your skin nice and non greasy looking throughout the day.  I put a fair bit on my nose and it didn't dry it out at all.

It does have problems.  It smells pretty potent.  Not a nasty smell, just an in your face smell.  It smells like Comfort washing liquid.  The pump which dispenses the serum always has that one bit of cream on it which was left from last time and has since hardened.  The annoying thing is that it lives inside the pump so you can't expel it all at once.  You don't need to use much to get decent coverage of your face so in that respect, it's pretty good.

Another "negative" thing..I always thought that pore minimisers did just that..minimised your pores on application.  I couldn't see any immediate minimisation..

The second is this, Almay Pore Minimizer.
This directs you to just smooth it over wherever you have prominent pores so I put it on my forehead, my nose and the sides of my nose.

It did dry my nose out a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit so I had to add some extra moisturiser.  The L'oreal one didn't do this.  However, for the sake of science, I applied this all over my face too (including the scene of Sting-gate) and it did sting me.  HOWEVER, atleast this one tells you where you should put it.

Another massive plus point, I COULD SEE MINIMISATION OF PORES! The area surely looked a lot smoother than it did (immediately) after I applied the L'oreal serum.

Which do I like better?
For foolproof application: The Almay one.
For not giving you a sliiiiiiiiiiiiightly dry nose: The L'oreal one.
Price wise: The Almay one was £1 from the Pound Shop, I think the L'oreal one is about a tenner?
For best all over results: The Almay one.

By the way, when I was Googling a face photo, Google Images suggested this which freaked the hell out of me.
You can buy it as a piece of art for your house but looking at the link online scared me enough, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be a bit spooked seeing that staring back at you in the middle of the night.

Anyone had any success stories with pore perfectors/minimisers/serums? Let me know because I'm still on the lookout.


  1. oh hell no at that picture. but thank you for the product reviews!

  2. Pores, a pain in the butt. I need something to rid myself of my visible pores but have yet to find anything skincare wise to help. I do like HD powders like MUFE as they diffuse the look of pores, this is the only makeup product that I've tried that helps. The quest continues.

  3. I have the Almay one, got it in one of those random shops that has discontinued bits as well as a shedload of absolute junk! I love it, if I'm just going to work and can't be arsed with primer (makeup doesn't stay on my nose or chin) it keeps my makeup on and I don't get half as oily and it makes my skin feel ace! I went back to buy the last 2 tubes at that shop so I'm going to be hunting in pound shops near me now, it's a keeper :)

  4. Damn that is one scary picture!! Pores are so annoying, I've been wanting to try Mac's prep and prime skin refined zone.

  5. I agree with Meeta, HD powders can do a pretty good job at blurring the appearance of pores. MUFE and MAC both do good ones but a cheaper alternative is Elf's version. I think it's about £6. I use it pretty much every day and it seems to do a good job minimizing the appearance of the pores around my nose.

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  7. dr brandts pores no more pore refiner, it acts as a filler, and fills in the pores, the results are fab - when u apply makeup over, it seems as if you havnt got any open pores, though at £38 a pop its very expensive - i havnt gt a major issue wit open pores though if you had crazy open pores than its small price to pay imo.

  8. Glad to know that cheap products can work better than pricier ones! ^^

    And I agree, that is a pretty creepy photo.....

  9. raeissuchadoll: I know! It freaked me the hell out too so I just had to share it with everyone else because I'm "nice" like that :P

    Meeta: I never ever thought of using a HD powder to cover your pores. Mine aren't THAT large though, I just convince myself that they are but these products worn under foundation do give me smoother skin. I may look into the powder situation. Thanks!

    JadeyLou: The Pound Shop near me had a few but they're notorious for never having the same stock back again so I'm going to stock up! I find it works better than a primer because some primers dry my skin but this does nothing and it doesn't feel siliconey at all.

    Welldressedbeauty: I've heard that the MAC product isn't all that, I have heard that if you keep the your pores super clean, they get smaller because there is nothing expanding them.

    GlitterishAllsorts: I was never told that powder could help, that shall be my next experiment!

    Amina: Oh I saw that in SpaceNK once and was really going to buy it but someone convinced me that my pores weren't as bad as I thought so I left it. My pores really aren't too big (I should have included a pic but didn't want to gross people out) but I seem to think they're massive.

    ~Lisa: I know, I thought the Almay one would be pants but it worked far better than the L'oreal one.

  10. I think Milk of Magnesia works just as well.


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