Tuesday, 24 August 2010

EOTD: How to wear black eyeshadow

Back when I was unable to blend ONE colour, I would never have attempted using shades which weren't browny in colour.

You might wonder why black was the first colour I was drawn to..well, I line my eyes with black pencil (eyeliner pencil!) and it makes my eyes look browner so I assumed that black eyeshadow would do the same.  However, I'm not so naive that I think slapping black eyeshadow all over my lid will work miracles.

Here are a few ways that I've worn black eyeshadow recently..I hasten to add you will see eyebrow hair as I've been growing my brows out and these are all "practice eyes" BUT, I will be wearing most of them to the many desi functions I have lined up.

So, here we go!
This look happened totally by accident, I was trying to do a light yellow lid with a defined black crease but as per usual, my hands didn't want to co-operate with my brain and it went wrong.  Thus, I decided to cover my lid with the browny colour and then cover it with the black.  I blended it enough so that the sparkle from the browny colour came through as the black is pretty matte.  I really like the effect I got.  I think it's perfect for Indian/desi functions when you're wearing gold and/or silver and you can't figure out how to do your eyes.  The browny colour comes through silver or gold, depending on the lights..as you can see in the photos.

I don't have a photo with my eye open but it did make my eyes stand out a fair bit.

This is the second look..
The pronounced crease in the first photo only came about because the eyeshadow refused to blend until I used some force.  Once again I've used the yellow eyeshadow as a base (patting in on with your fingers and blending with a brush is the easiest way to build up colour which is something I needed as my lids are quite dark).  I applied the darker side of the eyeshadow all over my lid and blended.  I went over it with the silver side and then added eyeliner.  I thought the black side of the eyeshadow would be a lot darker but I still think it looks OK.  The colour combo reminds me of the Bobbi Brown layered look I did.

This is the final look (and yet the first of the three I did).
Once again, there was no intention of using black as a base as what I was trying to do was a cut crease but it wasn't to be.  I think I just need to realise that a cut crease will never work on my fat eyes.  Anyway, what I ended up doing was covering my lid with the the Badgal pencil, blending it and then applying the Eye Dazzle all over it.

I found overall that black eyeshadow does enhance your eyes if they're brown.  I was always adamant that purple would..I should try that next time.


  1. Great post! I love these looks! you are so right its not eas to wear black but when doen properly like your good self, it makes brown eyes look even more brown! I find purple does this too =D x x x

  2. Haha, im on a mission to enhance brown eyes.. Black really does seem to work.Never tried that- im too scared to use black and mess up and have a huge mess of black shadow around my eyes :(
    But i absolutely do love purple on brown eyes- I just recently did a purple and gold look on my blog.

  3. I LOVE the first one - SO sari appropriate :)

  4. It looks great on you!


  5. Mixing a color with black is a good idea. I find, black is too heavy for me. But this is a good alternative...

  6. I love the first look, I'm going to try that today. I love how black eyeshadow looks on brown skin! I think the most of us can pull this off.

  7. I have black shadows but i am scared of using them! Thank you for this post - must give it a go!

  8. i know right? black really makes the brown look more vibrant (hence why i cant live without eyeliner either)- and purple too!

  9. It really does bring out your eye colour! I especially love the first look, the golden sheen that the brown throws off is gorgeous.


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