Wednesday, 25 August 2010

One product until the end of time..

My cousin paid me and Simon a visit on Saturday.

He is seven years old and totally besotted with "man things", by which he means things that men stereotypically do.  He is therefore going through a massive hero worship of Simon, my brothers and my dad.  His dad is a builder and he has spent the summer holidays living in his hard hat.

He pestered Simon into having a shave and lending him some aftershave.  He sat on the edge of the bath totally enthralled..watching Simon shave and asking him a million and one questions about shaving, building, aftershave and the offside rule.

He barged into the bedroom whilst I was putting my makeup on and asked me why I had so many eyeliner pencils.  I tried to explain to him but it was falling on deaf ears..he couldn't understand why someone would need so many of the same thing. 
The stash in question..minus two Stila pencils and a Rimmel one.
After having a good old nose through everything, he piped up with "If you were only allowed to use one thing from this drawer until the end of time, what would you choose?"

I'm not ashamed to say that it took me an age to provide him with a reply. 

In fact, he got bored of waiting and ran off to play FIFA on the Xbox with Simon.

I had an answer when they were in the middle of their second game. 

Pencil eyeliner. 
Thought I'd be helpful and put swatches up.  The ones sans names are not available to buy anymore.
He wasn't impressed that I'd made him pause the game whilst I delivered that bit of life-changing news. 

His next comment, which had me in stitches was something along the lines of "Is that why you have so many? So you don't run out?"  It was one of those "you had to be there" moments.

So, via the 7 year old smart-arse that is my cousin, "If you were only allowed to use one item of makeup from now until the end of time, what would you choose?"


  1. A really, really good concealer! The kind I've not been able to find yet :) I was tempted to say mascara but I feel more confident when my under-eye shadows and spots are covered up than when my lashes are massive and fluttery. I'd hate to only be able to use one item of make-up though!xx

  2. My answer would be the same! In fact, I could even narrow it down to one in particular, which is Urban Decay Zero...

    Your cousin sounds most entertaining!

  3. concealer concealer concealer all the way :) Btw you have some really nice liners! I hate such smart arse cousins :p

  4. The one product I could not live without is deffo MASCARA!

    I wish I could add eyeliner in there but meh, mascara all the way!

    I love that turquoise liner. Even though it's not available anymore, I need to know the name so I can twarl eBay for it :P xx

  5. LOL yr cousin is funny! N girl yr GOACH comment made me lmao :D

    Ok for me it'd have to be mascara till the end of time


  6. haha at ur bratty cousin he sounds cutes still!

    Tough question, im torn between mascara, and concealer, and im not really blessed in neither the skin department or with lashes - which SUCKS!

  7. LOL he sounds so adorable.

    I'd probably go with concealer, since I have awful skin! D:

  8. hm... eyeliner, i think. or concealer. but i think eyeliner makes it by a hair.


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