Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ta Da! Queen of Shaves?! Ooh La La!

First, some background..

Being an Indian girl, the hair on my arms/legs/face is darker than that of my white and Asian counterparts.

This leads to the often embarassing situation of having arms which look hairy, simply because the hair is darker and more obvious.

I have been shaving my arms since I was about 15..I tried waxing a few times but my arms got super sensitive so I went back to shaving and stuck with it.

My arms were more prone to cuts and nicks than my legs so I'd have to go really slowly and carefully when shaving.

I'm like Jay Z (no patience and I hate waiting..which technically means the same thing, poor form for one of the "greatest rappers of all time") so I was always on the lookout for a decent shaving "condiment".

Then Simon bought a King of Shaves razor and some of their shaving gel which I was forbidden to touch.  You may think he's being a bastard but I do have a habit of taking his stuff and making it mine.  A case in point is the brand spanking new Gant hoody he bought himself and I stole to wear to sleep.  That obviously cut him deep.

I went to TK Maxx soon after and they had a KoS set on sale for £10 which contained (amongst other items) a shaving gel.  You can see my thought process here, "buy this for Simon, take the gel for yourself and let him use the rest".

I forgot about the whole thing until it was arm shaving time and I was rooting around the spares drawer for some (much needed) post shaving moisturiser.

Then, there it was.  The gel.  The KoS gel.  Time stood still and I swear I heard a heavenly choir.

I practically ran like Paula Radcliffe (not very well!) to the bathroom and began shaving at a speed more befitting Usain Bolt.  These running gags doing anything for ya? Well they made me laugh!

Post shaving checks revealed no cuts or nasty bumps.  I'd found my ideal shaving partner.

Needless to say, I started using only the King of Shaves gel on my arms AND my legs.

I have fat legs.  It wouldn't be long before I was rumbled.  I decided to remain quiet on the off chance that Simon wouldn't realise.

Then came the revelation. Simon said he'd never buy KoS again as the gel ran out way too quickly.  Where before, he could use the same can for a good few months, this was running out in two.  I knew the jig was up and decided to come clean.

THEN I found out that King of Shaves had come out a women's version of their shave gels called Queen of Shaves.  I only saw them in Boots this weekend and they were on an introductory price of £1.99 so I picked up both variants..
Now you see where the title of this post comes from.  What can I say? I'm a cheese connoisseur

The one which smells of nothing smells stronger than the one which smells of aloe vera.

Do these work as well as the King of Shaves shave gel?
YES! You don't know how glad I was when I saw that KoS had released a women's version of their shave gel.  No longer would I have to steal Simons, now I have my very own and the packaging looks far sexier than his!  I can shave as fast as I want, I get no cuts or scrapes and it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth.

Now I just have to find some space for it in the cabinet..
You'd never guess that I shared that cabinet with a man.  Simon DOES brush his teeth but he keeps his brush in the window.

Random bit of information for you, the guy who started up King of Shaves is called Will King..when one of their biggest competitors is called Wilkinson Sword.  I know, I know, simple things.


  1. hehe great post as always! I need to check this out at boots

  2. Excellent post! The packaging is so lovely! I never use proper shaving gel, just shower gel :P

  3. Haha, I found your story so cute! =P

  4. Hi!
    Ha, being Southeast Asian, I totally get your problem.
    I use hair removable creams on my arms, I always
    cut myself with shaving. I wonder if can get those gels in
    the states.


  5. I saw this post and i remembered Russel Peters dialogue ' God created India- the hottest country in the world, and then just to crack a kind o practical joke- he said HAHA ill also make you the hairiest race in the world!!
    Here in India, waxing is the best alternative- i cant imagine life without my neighbourhood parlour

  6. HAHA I love this post! Im goingto pick up the queen of shaves, you cant go wrong for £2.99...have you ever tried sugaring? its super moisturising and less painful than waxing x

  7. ahahahahaha Will King! ahahahaha you could't make that stuff up!


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