Friday, 3 July 2009

My Stila "haul"

I went to the Stila sample sale the other day and it was great, stuff was greatly reduced and I cam away with a few bargains. The only thing I'm a bit sad about is the fact that I should have taken more money with me :( I could have gotten so much more but I think I did OK considering the fact that I only spent £37.

So, here's what I got:

  • Lip glaze in mocha
  • Plumping lip glaze in melon mint
  • Smudge pot in black
  • Smudge pot in jade
  • Smudge pot in purple
  • Eyeliner in topaz
  • Eyeliner in purple
  • Pigment in the most perfect copper colour
  • Highlighter in white
If I had taken more money I would have bought some brushes but my current Ruby and Millie brushes do me ok and I think it's time I bought a MAC brush and so will be picking one up really soon :)

I really wanted to pick up a convertible colour but they only had gladiola and poppy, one which was too orange and one which was too red for desi skin. They had peony but it had been swatched like mad and the case was scratched, plus it was boxless. If it wasn't swatched I would have bought it. I also regret not buying a smudge pot in bronze but oh well, I can always pick it up when I go to America.'s my haul in photo format:
Row 1: Smudgepot in purple, copper pigment, highlighter
Row 2: Lipglaze in mocha
Row 3: Plumping lipglaze in melon mint
Row 4: Eye pencil in topaz
Row 5: Eye pencil in purple (can't remember exact name and am too lazy to check)
Row 6: Palette in noir, smudgepot in black, smudgepot in jade

The highlighter, pigment and smudgepot:
The smudgepot in purple was my steal of the day, it was unboxed and so was only £1.50 (as were the pigment and the highlighter).

I picked up a gift box which I also regret putting back as it had two eyeshadows (including the infamous kitten), a lipglaze and some mascara but ho hum..such is life.

Outside of the palette (all nice and furry aka velvety) and two of the smudgepots:

Inside the palette:


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