Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Ruby and Millie i-Define brush

I remember the first ever blending brush I bought, it was a Ruby and Millie dealy which I bought with my Boots voucher.

It was pretty good for a noob like me so I decided to buy more of their brushes..

Then I came across their liner brush which (I thought) would be heaven for those who had abandoned any hope of ever being able to use liquid liner properly.

This brush was the biggest disappointment ever and this is why:
Don't waste your money/Boots voucher on this.

It didn't work from the off. 

I thought it might be a dodgy one but I know a few people who have this and they have said the same.  I used it with a Stila smudgepot, a Bobbi Brown gel liner and various powder liners, in all instances all I got was a scraggly line.  Nothing like the smooth application that it boasted.  I thought washing it might help but it didn't do anything.  I've still got it in my brush collection but it's languishing at the back. 

However, their i-Liner brush is very good. I used it to do this look and it works brilliantly when you're using a dark shadow as a liner on either your eyelid or to set the pencil on your waterline.  The only issue I have with that brush is that it's a bit need to hold it at an angle but it picks up a nice amount of colour and for 50p, you can't ask for more.


  1. This is one of my favourite brushes! I admit it doesn't wear too well, as after a year and lots of washing the bristles have become a little seperated but otherwise I love it!

  2. Ew I would hack at those straggly bristles with nail scissors >_<

  3. Phoebe: Really? It has been rubbish for me since the start, it never did anything. Applied my eyeliner in a v. streaky manner and I've chucked it now.

    Silhouette Screams: I missed your masked face and your posts! We don't have nail scissors, we did have some but the stupid guy at Dehli airport said we couldn't take them on as hand luggage even though another woman was allowed to, boo! I'm slapdash with my approach so I'd probably lop off too much, I use my Bobbi Brown brush instead.


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