Friday, 20 August 2010

Could you be..the most beautiful balm in the world?

There was a time in my life when if you had asked me about my favourite lip smoother, I would have unequivocally told you that Nivea was the way to go.

So, how did I convert to Carmex? I was on the way to law school and horror of horrors, found that my lip balm had finished.  The Boots by Moorgate station only had Carmex and as it was only a couple of quid, I decided to bite the bullet.
I have never looked back.  Carmex is all I buy now.

All the other lip balms used to take about three to four days to make my lips feel smooth but Carmex does it from the first application.  I also found with other lip balms that if you use too much, your lips reject it..this doesn't seem to happen with Carmex.  Also, you know sometimes you use a lip balm so much that when you stop, your lips dry out? This doesn't do that, either.  When my lips messed up last year thanks to a Primark gloss, this (and some butter) came to my rescue so it really does have healing properties and goes beyond the standard "moisturising" spiel that most balms promise.

Whenever I use it, the smell ALWAYS takes me back to my time at law school, I went through so many of these whilst I was doing my LPC..isn't it funny how the slightest whiff of a familiar smell can take you back to places you haven't been to for years?

There is however, one cautionary piece of advice..avoid the tub version.  I'm not sure why it  does nothing for me at all, I assume the ingredients are the same but it must be the solidifying agent because the tub version is more solid than the version I have.  However, you can use that on cuts and the like, I've given mine to Simon who uses it when he cuts himself shaving or doing other man fings (footballing injuries).


  1. Hi great review.I love carmex too esp the moisture plus slant tip version.

  2. hey, great post, my sister totally agrees, i had to show her this because for years now me and my sister have this thing, we both like carmex, i think mine is ok - i have the tub, she LOVES hers and shes got the tube - i jus never got it, til now, maybe i need to switch it up to the tube - but why would they be soo different? weird right?

    anyways since we're on the topic, i was in superdrugs today and i noticed carmex - mint ... oooo :P

  3. I love this too!

  4. I've heard that this is basically the god of the lip balm world for years but for some reason i've never tried it! I always have dry lips so i really should get some :)


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