Monday, 12 October 2009

I'm cracking up, man!

Hmm..let this post be a lesson to those of you who are doing Project 10 Pan and are overly eager to use up their lip balms.

I've been lip balm'ing my lips like mad recently trying to finish a Boots lip balm.  This is the same lip balm which I said was crap.  The reason I'm trying to finish it is because a)it goes bad if you use it for more than a week and b)I have to finish it before I buy any more.

Now, I've been using it up and over the course of the weekend I teamed it up with some Opia lip gloss from Primark.

I wake up this morning and my lips feel horrible.  They feel super super soft but they're cracking up and I can't smile because when my lips go back to their normal form, they feel super crinkly and dry.  I've checked them in the mirror and they look super soft but with some chipping.  I'm not happy.

To make matters worse, I just have to ride it out.  I can't add more lip balm because they won't dry out naturally and I can't leave them dry as they are because they hurt.

I would take a photo (if not only to remind me what happens when you fervently apply stuff you don't need) but my brother has the memory card from my camera.

I feel like this right about now..

Just a little update on the lip situation, I've found the culprit! It was the Opia lip gloss that made my lips go funny and not my balm.  It was Mr Ross who came to this conclusion as he pointed out I'd been balm'ing my lips up for a week and they had given me no trouble but the second I put some Opia gloss on them, they went  (for want of a better word) manky.  So, I've hurled it out and have come to the realisation that I will never buy any more makeup from the Opia range, regardless of how much of a discount Primark have put on it.


  1. Ouchie, that sounds rotten :( Hope your lips feel better soon! I ignored the 'cosmetic' section of Primark last time I went in - Yay me! Go Willpower!

  2. Ouch! I have used the OPIA pigments which arent that bad, however I did have to scrub them off my eyes so I will not be using them again, eek! Hope your lips get better :) x

  3. Thanks guys :)

    I rubbed some butter on them on Weds and when I woke up yesterday they weren't as cracked as before. Went out and got some Carmex and now they're getting back to normal, yay!

    I've sworn off Primark makeup for good!


  4. I gave you an award on my blog :)

  5. Oooh, thanks Katy!

    I'll do the biz once I get some time later on :)



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