Friday, 13 August 2010

Stuff I want...nay..NEED

I haven't done one of these for ages because nothing was really jumping out at me as I think I lost my makeup mojo for a bit but it's back now so worry not!

I have pores.

Pores which it seems only I can see, you can't see them in photos and whenever I ask the most brutally honest people I know, they can never see them..and they would tell me if they could.

Anyway, I know they are there and I think that if I can see them, anyone with two eyes can.  I've used pore "perfectors" before but they all seem to fall out of favour with me as time goes on.

I used to love Benefit's Dr Feelgood but it stopped performing..well, I'm not sure if it changed or if I changed..I just stopped seeing it in the same light as I did before.

I really want to try this and can't wait for it to come out in the UK.

On the subject of pores, I'm sure that they could be smaller and cleaner which is why I've been eyeing up the Bliss range, I only seem to see their bodycare things in the shops, never the skincare..Anyway, me wanty:


A few weeks ago, I bought Ashes to Ashes by NARS and it has very quickly become my "go to shadow".  It's easy to apply, blends in seamlessly and even if I don't blend it to my usual expert standards (modesty!) it still looks pretty good.  It has a little sparkle in it and I feel that it makes me look a bit more awake.  

The downside of my NARS love is that I now want the following.
The swatches do the shadows no justice at all.  Daphne is a handsome, rich purple.  Night flight is more black than it is blue and it has blue glitter in it.  I know that doesn't sound too exciting but I swear the shade of blue is perfect for the shade of black.  I've swatched it many a time and always left it because I couldn't justify the purchase of a colour that I would seldom use.  Strada is a light purple (almost lilacy) colour with goldeny flecks of glitter in it.  For some reason it reminds me of the skyline from The Jetsons.

Thanks to Yinka, I've started to buy more and more blusher and I'm now venturing out into the cream/gel blusher territory which has left me hankering after this..

I have no idea how I'd blend it in or which brush I'd use but I've been so near to buying it but then I've been reminded by the annoying voice (Monlar) that I have more blushers than he has jeans..which is a bare faced lie because he has about a million pairs of jeans and I've got all of 9(?) blushers.

I've been in to swatch these and after lusting after only ONE..I know want the whole range.
So, that's what I'm lusting after..anything catching your eye?


  1. Never tried Nars but am loving the look of that purple eyeshadow!

  2. Daphne looks truly gorgeous! I recently bought Nars Multiple Tint in Cadaques and would definitely recommend it as a blush for Asian skin. It's really buildable and very pretty x

  3. Ohhh I love those shadows and the blush I such a gorgeous colour!

  4. Oooh I reviewed the BB cheek tints on my blog. You can dot them on your cheeks and blend with your fingers or tap a MAC 131/130 brush over the top and apply them that way.

    They can be a little greasy though. I'd recommend Illamasqua and BECCA cream blushes over those, they have better staying power and look more natural.

  5. What on earth is the Bliss 'porefector' gadjet thing for? Is it like a pore vacuum or something?
    It's weird, i swatched Daphne yesterday and it didn't come out properly on me at all, it looked chalky and really unpigmented :/


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