Saturday, 31 July 2010

I got 99 problems but a stitch ain't one..

I thought I'd do something different and give you a tour around "my" sewing machine.

There isn't a photo of the whole machine because the area is a mess and I haven't gotten around to tidying it up.

I was about 22 when I realised that the machines I grew up with weren't standard household sewing machines, they were industrial machines.   If someone hadn't told me this, I would probably still think that industrial sized machines were household ones.  I now know that the "small machine" we have is the household size one.

When I was younger, I used to love looking at this little window because if it was empty, that mean it was time to top the oil up.  Those of you with eyes will realise that a refueling is needed.

My aunt got her finger stuck under here when I was younger:
This machine is older than I am.

When I was a baby, my whole family lived in the same house and my mum, grandmother and aunts used to sew clothes for the High Street shops and thus had about 5 industrial sized machines between them.  As the girlies got married, they each took one with them..

Not one to be left behind, I was always faffing around and playing with buttons and stuff so my grandmother gave me this box which I cherished.

This was my favourite button as a child and I remember getting a right telling off when I punched my brother because I thought he stole it.  It later turned up under my pillow.

Here's some of the stuff I've made recently:

Is anyone else into sewing? I quite like it because you can knock up stuff that nobody else has and people are always quite impressed when I tell them that I made something myself from scratch (they don't need to know that my mum did the confusing bits!)


  1. thats awesome!!!! I wish i could do stuff like that =( x

  2. Oooh i loved reading this!
    I sew (though i've been too busy with other projects to do any for ages) and asolutely love doing it. I'm always really smug if someone asks where i got my dress (or whatever) and i get to go 'Actually i made it' :P
    AND I have buttons really similar to your favourite one! Maybe even the same lurking somewhere :)
    The stuff you've made looks great, especially the black lace dress. I'd love to see more :)

  3. Great pieces! I'm terrible at sewing!! And it seems soo hard!! My mom sews but not me! XD

  4. Dude, this is such a sweet post :3 and skillz: you haz them

  5. I'm learning to sew, but its really hard to find the time! I LOVE your pieces though, the look gorge!

  6. wow! u got some talent, damn i wish i could, my parents bought me a lil sewin machine wen i was in school doin textiles, i was hopeless, i made a kameez, and it was sooo dodgy i gave up, actually i think i myt av broken it in the process, we still have it tho lol

  7. Aww, thanks everyone! Thought I'd do something a bit different seeing as I've been going sewing mad recently.

    Sewing isn't hard to learn at all, get some sewing patterns, cut your fabric around them and just get on the machine..easy!

    I think I might do another post like this in the future as the interest is there.

    Nooberella: It's a piece of piss, trust me, if I can do it, anyone can!

    Lillian: I'm the same! I wore the lace dress to a party and nobody would believe I had made it myself so I had to take it into work and show them that there was no label on it! I call it "couture on a budget" because it is!

    ~Lisa: You should really learn, it's brilliant once you get into it!

    Silhouette Screams: This made me lol "skillz: you haz them". They need a lolcat for that though I bet they have one already!

    Hum: Thanks, start with baby steps, that's what I did!

    Amina: I remember textiles at school, my teacher was an old biddy who everyone hated. We locked her in the cupboard once because she just would not shut up, I still don't know how she managed to get out because her classroom was far away from the rest. I had a small hand machine which was crap so I gave up with that. My Indian sewing skills are not the best, I always get stuck on the darts etc..


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