Monday, 7 June 2010

An Indian nose pore mask

My nose pore strips all ran out so I decided to have a looksy on eBay and see what they had because I still think I could be using a more powerful one..I just can't bring myeslf to believing that my nose is not as congested as I first thought.

Anyway, I was searching away and saw this product that I KNEW was from the Indian shop so I rang mi madre and she was adamant that she had it so I appropriated it when I went to see her.

I like the fact that it comes as a powder so that you can use as much as you want and you can also fiddle with the quantities until you get the perfect consistency needed for your skin type.
It doesn't peel off but it flakes which I thought was good because sometimes you get those that flake off but get stuck under your nails when you're flaking them.  You only need a very thin layer and it dries within minutes which is brilliant.

I went OTT because I put too much powder in, you need a teensy bit of powder and some water to form a nice, thick paste and away you go.  I still have tonnes of the powder left, I'd say I used about 5% and even that was way too much.
This is way too thick as you can see, next time I'm going to be a lot stingier with water and powder.  And yes, the photos were necessary!

I like this product because it makes my skin really smooth but I think I'll use i t more for my forehead than for my nose.

I'm looking for a good peel off mask so if you know of one, leave a comment or tell me on Twitter!


  1. I love multani mitti myself! :)

  2. You are hilarious! Love this! And I agree the pictures were necessary! I wanna try this now!

  3. oh I have heard of this but I can't seem to use this with my skin type as it dries out my face too much

  4. omg! I love Hesh powders. I use the multani (the plain one) with the lemon peel powder and rosewater, but I've never seen this one before. I'm going to keep an eye out when I go to India in a week :)

  5. hey...i have just seen your blog...its good.nice post friend.


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