Thursday, 10 June 2010

PURE makeup

I went to the 99p shop the other day to get some cleaning bits but as per usual, was waylaid by other things they were selling.

I was looking for nose pore strips (my current ones have finished..I'm not a freak who hoards them) and I came across PURE makeup.  This used to be sold in Boots and Debenhams and it wasn't really a High Street brand..but then again, I don't think it was high end? Anyway, the lipsticks used to be £8.  Boots and Debenhams discontinued them.  I wish I had gotten to the 99p shop earlier because I really wanted their palettes but they only had lipsticks, lip glosses, powders and kajals when I got there.
I really like the packaging, very sleek and the print on it grabbed my eye too.  The bullet of the lipstick is kinda angular and reminded me of Kryten from Red Dwarf.

It was pretty difficult to choose a colour which I thought would suit my lips..the genius in me must have been dormant because I didn't realise that the colouring behind the shade was indicitative of the lipstick colour until a lady who was also choosing a lippy told me.  Anyway, I picked Rose Seduction and Iridescent Rose..the former is the one which features here.

It was quite hard to work the colour onto the lips, this is about three coats and as you can looks ok.
All in all, I'm glad I didn't buy the lipsticks at full price because they aren't worth it at all.  I wore this for a day and then wore the Iridescent Rose the day after.  They dried my lips out terribly so if you've got dry lips then give them a miss.  If you've got super moisturised lips then you will need to up your lip balm dosage after using these.  Iridescent Rose is a funny old lipstick too, it's far more drying than this one and it really gives your lips an iridescent look, you get pink with gold gliter over the top.  I'm trying to be helpful here and suggest where you could wear it but nothing is coming to mind..I suppose an Indian wedding but with gloss over it? Or you could mix it with another lipstick..put the IR on the centre part of your lower lip to highlight it and then blend in your other lipstick.


  1. Ha ha i love how you said it looks like Kryten, it really does :D And ugh i hate drying lipsticks.

  2. Oh, lol - Kryten lippie!! Definitely not worth the full price then, but it is a pretty colour on you.

  3. I can't comment on these shades but I do have another shade with I purchased full priced from boots (number 74; silky rose). It was a very soft moisturising formula with great colour pay off. Not drying at all, so perhaps the ones you got were from a very old batch as boots discotinued these a while back.

  4. oohhh im digging the color of the lipstick and the packaging!! :D

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