Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Review: The Body Shop Facial Massager

I've never really been educated on how things like face brushes and massagers could really make the difference, I used to just buy products and slap them on, I never thought you could enhance their performance.  I've had my face brush for ageeeeeeeeeeeees now and this is why I love buying products from The Body Shop because I know these peripherals work.

I read online somewhere (I can't remember where) that when you have a facial, you should come out with a really warm, pink face and that if you don't the facial hasn't been carried out properly.

So, I set about trying to give myself a facial at failed.  No matter how much I massaged my face, it didn't get near red or warm enough so I decided to let it be.  Plus, my nails were pretty long at the time and it was really hard to massage myself without ending up with crescent moons all over my face.

Then I saw this beauty on The Body Shop website and decided to buy it.

The basic method of usage is thus..
I usually use it, miss a day then use it..I couldn't think of the technical term for that kind of there one? Fortdaily? But then fortnightly is two weeks so isn't fortdaily the same? Forthourly? Does anyone know?

It says "gently roll" but I can't be gentle to save my life so I'm quite forceful with it because it's fun to do it like that, plus once the blood starts pumping it's hard to stop (man, the number of ways this sentence could be misconstrued)..

Also, I don't use it on my neck because I hate that feeling of water trickling down your neck..I might use it like that in the shower actually..

I've used it with a mixture of cleansers.  I used a solid oily cleanser, a liquid oily based cleanser and then plain old cleansing milk.

When you roll it on your mush you don't need to apply a lot of pressure as it rolls around itself, the only place it got a bit stuck was on my nose but you just learn to roll it the opposite way to how you use it on the rest of your face.

It makes my face really nice and warm and my skin feels a LOT smoother once I've washed the cleanser off.

I didn't think that my skin was that dull before but after using this, it's really perked itself up and it looks a lot more plump than it did before.

When you roll it over your face with the cleanser on it, you can tell it's working because the cleanser is in little zigzag patters on your face.

You can use it when you don't have any product on your face but I like using it with the cleanser as it kills two birds with one stone.

I did pay for this myself but I think saying "repurchase" is a bit redundant here as The Body Shop items like this last for ages.  If it did break on me then I would buy it again but it's very sturdy and the only way I see it breaking is if someone smashed it with a hammer.  What I'm trying to say is, if you think your skin looks dull/you can't give yourself a proper facial at home then get this because it is really good, it's foolproof!


  1. interesting - my skin no fun at the mo - how much was this? and you use before cleaner right? i may have to try..... thanks

  2. Smaira: I think it was six or seven quid and you can use it whenever really, I use it before I put my night cream on (after cleansing and toning) or when I've got my cleanser on. I even use it when I'm just watching the TV.

  3. Hmm sounds interesting! I don't really have proble skin but it sounds like it might feel nice anyway and i've never really tried to give myself a proper facial so who knows how much my skin could improve? :)

  4. The phrase you're looking for is "every other day" as in - "I use the massager every other day".

    Great review, I'm always a bit scared of those contraptions, they look like torture devices!

  5. Product sounds good. yet to see it in india


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