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Review: Boots Traditional Skin Care Glycerin and Rosewater Toner v Boots Original Beauty Formula Skin Tonic

Nice, small title there..

I bought both of these..well, actually, my mum bought me one (shame!) and I bought the other myself.

I've been asked for a review on the Glycerin and Rosewater toner so I'm doing a review and compare.  I was originally going to just review the first one but as both have similar ingredients, I decided to do a comparison post.

Before I get to that, I'm quite happy that in this day and age you can buy toners on the High Street which are not jammed full of alcohol and will strip your skin and make your skin complaint worse.  I swear you couldn't get these when I was a teenager, I used alcohol fuelled toners for many many years, if these were around then, I'm sure my skin would have looked nicer back then. Don't get me wrong, these two contain alcohol but it's nowhere near as much as those "traditional" ones do..I had quick look at ingredients in Boots the other day.

Anyway, review time!

Boots Tradition Skin Care Glycerin and Rosewater Toner.
When I got this, I was using a cleanser which I found contained mineral oils (if you Google mineral oil, the top three shopping items that come up are things you put in your car, which is rather telling..)I researched up on them and found that they created a barrier between your skin and anything you put on it so I chucked it away.

I like the fact that the bottle is plastic and that the opening is small so it doesn't all come spilling out when you tip it upside down.  I also like the minimal, no fuss, semi vintage looking packaging.  The smell isn't horrible either, it's not your typical toner smell.
I soaked a cotton wool pad in it and circulated it around my face.  It made my skin feel really nice and clean and more plumped up.  When I apply my toner, I usually wait about 15 minutes before putting my moisturiser on as this is my personal best course of action.  When I touched my face after 15 minutes, it felt super smooth and very plumped out but pretty sticky..I thought this was just an after effect of the mineral oil cleanser...creating a barrier and what have you.

I used it time and time again and it still made my skin feel sticky.  It's quite a shame it did that because I enjoyed how smooth it made my skin feel but the stickiness was a deal breaker.

I wouldn't buy this again because I have used it weeks after I stopped using the mineral oil cleanser and it still made my face really sticky.  If you want to try it for yourself, you can get it in Boots.  I couldn't find it online but it costs about £2.90.  I noticed once I had used it that it had rubbing alcohol in it (isopropyl alcohol) and I didn't want to put that anywhere near my face so I've been using it to clean by brushes before shampooing them.

Boots Original Beauty Formula Skin Tonic.
This bottle is glass.  I am a clumsy person.  Glass and butterfingers don't mix.  This is why I was glad it came in a cardboard box so that I'd be able to transport it home without it breaking (I've broken a vase on the way home once before..) 

Apart from that, I really like the packaging as it commits fully to the vintage feel, it's a heavy glass bottle with an old school looking label on it and the bottle even has Boots embedded into the glass.  The lid is a thin metally lid and there is no "protector" so if the lid is off and the bottle topples over, the product will go everywhere.  I dislike this. I feel a bit thick saying that I like the vintage design yet dislike the fact they've used glass? What I'm saying is, if it came in the same packaging that the Glycerin and Rosewater would be perfick.
The smell..what to say about the's not pleasant. It does whiff a bit but you'd be surprised how quickly you get uesd to it, plus, you can't smell it once you've put it on.

I (once again) put this onto a cotton wool pad and rub it around my face in circular motions.  I feel this one feels a lot fresher than the Glycerin and Rosewater counterpart and it cleans my skin a lot better.  I look at the pad after cleaning my face with it and can see visible bits of "dirt" on it.  My face feels a lot cleaner after using this toner than it did with the other.

I waited again for 15 minutes and felt my skin, it didn't feel plumper but then it wasn't sticky and I'd rather have non stick than plump.

I will deffo buy more of these in the future, I'm thinking to stock up whilst they're still on half price in Boots. £1.94 is a brilliant price to pay for a toner which actually works.


  1. Added to my wishlist. :D

  2. I'm using Botanics rosewater toner and have been too lazy to write up a review. Whilst it's organic, I've just noticed it has alcohol in it so may try out the original beauty formula one!

  3. I have the original beauty formula one and i really like it. Unlike you i actualy think it smells great, like a vintage rose perfume. I'm terribly clumsy but i love the bottle so i'm just hoping i don't knock it over :P

  4. I've used that traditional skincare one and you're spot on... it leaves my face feeling really tacky!

    I need to try the other one now, great review! x

  5. Shall have to check the boots one out

  6. Hey i read this on my mobile and then never got round to sayin thanks for the review, im glad u did do the review because it then lead me to do abit of research and buy something i am glad i did, (i loved it enough so i got back up too ) LOL

    Im going to post about it soon, so keep an eye open, i think u well really like it

    ciao x

  7. Excellent review! Gonna try em. I usually use the department store toners and I find it leaves my skin very dry! (Like clarins, mac, clinique) so will opt for this option now.

    Also on another note u mentioned how minieral oils as creating a barrier btwn skin and product. I found that intriguing. I suggest u do a post on skin ingredient watch outs. So when we r purchasing products we know what to avoid.

    Tx again! Super review

  8. Glycerin and Rosewater has been around for years. Rosewater has been a toner since time began! Same with Rosewater and Witch Hazel.

    I'm very surprised you did not know of these.

    However, you can buy these toners in a very plain 'old fashioned' plastic brown bottle in many many chemists up and down the country.

    I have used many many toners over the years, but I always go back to basic Rosewater toner or Rosewater & Witch Hazel toner. I've been using them for probably 20 odd years now.

    Great reviews! Looking forward to reading more from you.

  9. I have been using Boots Glycerin & Rose Water for a long long time now. It is very mild, smells great and I can find nothing but good things to say about this product.Thanks.Would love to order it online.

  10. just started using boots glycerin and rose water,and it feels great.especially when i use it b4 goin to bed,by morning my face feels as soomth as glass.i just looove it

  11. If you're worried about the alcohol, you can buy pure glycerine and rosewater from any health food store and mix them. They also have mixtures of rosewater and glycerin.

  12. If you are concerned with the alcohol (or parabens like I am) you can purchase pure rosewater and glycerin from any healthier store and mix them yourself. They also have mixtures of rose water and glycerin premixed.


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