Saturday, 24 April 2010

Review: Pears Transparent Soap

Wow, my first "proper" review for quite some time..

My skin has recently gone through its teenage phase recently as it has been pretty much doing what the hell it wants.

First it got super greasy, then it got super dry and then it just started being really spotty.  I went through the natural motions of anger, despair and then resolve.

None of the liquid face washes jumped out at me and for some reason I decided to buy a soap.  I'd give you an insight as to why I decided to pick this up but truth be told, I don't really know...

I've been using it for about three weeks now and it's working a charm.  My skin has gone back to its normal self (greasy on the head and nose) and then to normal all over.  NORMAL ALL OVER. I can count on one finger the amount of products I've used which have given me normal skin.  The soap doesn't dry my skin out at all.  My skin feels nice and clean after using it and there is none of the usual facial tightness associated with using a soap when your skin feels tight for five minutes yet twenty minutes later, it's swimming in oil again.
(This isn't how the soap looks when it's new, I've used mine a fair bit).

I told my mum about this and she told me that my grandmother had been using the soap since she got married.  That may not seem something major to you but my grandmother has the best skin I've ever seen, it's perfectly moisturised all over (without any moisturiser), all one tone and she has minimal wrinkles.  I just hope my skin holds up that well!

The soap costs about 60p and lasts a very long time.  You can get it in two sizes, 125g bars cost about 60p and 75g bars cost about 40p.  You can buy it anywhere that soaps are sold, so places like Boots, Superdrug and your local chemists.

Hell to the yes.  It's cheap and does exactly what I need it to do.


  1. I've used Pears. Must admit it's good at controlling acne. But sometimes I feel my skin feels slightly tight after, not sure why. But this soap is EVERYWHERE in India. They've even got a liquid facial wash too!

  2. Oh, I like this. I love family secrets, thanks for sharing. :)


    xox Laura Beth

  3. Oh MY! My skin's been spotty and very very annoying lately so I may just give this a try.. you just lather it up and apply on your face?

    PCMP is IS everywhere in India :D

  4. PCMP_Forever: Hey! I found that at first too, then I just started using less and it stopped being tight. It doesn't lather up as much as normal soaps so I kept thinking I needed more but you only need a really thin coating on your face and it will not leave you feeling tight. I was going to get the liquid version but then I realised it was a hand wash and not face wash but the soap is doing well.

    Laura_Beth: Hey, welcome to my blog :) Try the soap, you won't be sorry!

    Ki: Yeah, just lather it up on your hands and whack it on and wash it off. I read the box the other day and it is made in India so maybe that's why it's everywhere..


  5. We have face washes from pears here as well... they claim to be as delicate as water so even if it doesn't calm my skin down very much, it won't harm it. Plus it's cheap. Okay I'm trying this. :))

  6. good call, i love this stuff =D x

  7. Thanks :P I've found another product that is HEAVEN for us oily minnies. Got a review on it coming it VERY soon!


  8. this sounds good - I must admit its been years since I used a soap :)

    Ps thanks so much for entering my mini giveaway - you need to be a follower and link to my giveaway on your blog - i am soooo new to blogging so im sorry if you already are/have .. lol

  9. Wow, go pears! I've used it before but only on my hands.

  10. They have this in Nigeria as well, haven't tried the soap but they have a really nice body lotion/body oil whenever friends or family go back I allways ask them to stock up for me.

  11. i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  12. Great post! will def try this

  13. My Skin has also decided to go through its teenage phase at the moment - which isn't great when you're in you're 20's

    Been using this for around 4 days now and LOVING!!! the results!



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