Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Exams + Me = Nails No More

I've been banging on about my exams on Twitter recently and they've had an adverse effect on my nails.  I never believed the old "nail biting moment" thing before..mainly because I did that all year round anyway so never had any nails to bite?

I've got three exams this week and my nails have been chewed down..they look like they've been trimmed down but it's my motormouth which is the culprit.

This was my thumbnail a few weeks ago:

It grew considerably longer and then...

However, I'm secretly quite happy about this..simply because NOW I can use these:
Does anyone have any experience with false nails? Apart from a very dodgy outing with them when I was in year 9 at school and decided to whack them on (without filing them down), I've stayed away.  Is there a protocol to follow re. putting them on? Help a noob out!


  1. Is it bad that after reading this post, all I can think is 'OM NOM NOM CARAMEL SUNDAE'? :P

  2. I'm sorry was there writing in this post? All I can see is a fricking SUNDAE! ACK HATE. <3

  3. Don't say I'm not good to you guys!

    That sundae was teh sex..even better because it WAS for my brother but he had to drive so I took a hit for the team and ate it myself :D


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