Thursday, 22 April 2010

Jessica Nails Daydream Spring 2010 Collection.

I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake with these but in my defence, I didn't have nails when these first came out so I wasn't really eyeing up nail polishes.  I think my thing at the time was nose pore strips..which are clearly sexier than nail polish.

Anyway, these are the spring 2010 colours released by Jessica Nails:

"Escape the ordinary and bring fantasy to your fingertips with Daydream, the spring 2010 collection from Jessica. These six inspiring new colours capture the optimism of spring; from shimmering pastels to vibrant shades of pink and orange, there’s a perfect shade for every daydreamer. So dare to dream of beautiful nails with Jessica’s Daydream."
 I quite like the fact that the colours are "Springy", in the season senes of the term, no conical references!  I've found that some brands tend to confuse Spring and Summer and release more summery tones in their Spring collections.

I don't have an out and out favourite but Cloud Mine and Flight of Fancy are currently fighting it out.  I really love Revlon's Minted but it's a bit bright to wear to work and Cloud Mine looks like the work safe option.

Each polish costs £8.95 and you can buy them from Jessica salons. 

What are your faves from the collection? And do you let the seasons dictate the colour of nail polish you wear? I spoke to some ladies at work recently and they said that they only wear light shades in the Summer and dark shades in the Winter.  FYI I'm currently wearing a dark red...


  1. I'm kinda liking the more obscure shades at the mo... like greys and beige... and how silly is it 2 only wear certain colours depending on the season!? Sometimes hot pink nails are just the thing to warm up a dull winter day! Sami xx

  2. I'm loving the third one across the top - nice nude


  3. Cloud mine is fab - on my nails now and got loads of good comments :)


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