Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What's the point of nude eyeliner?!

When I was younger, I was always very conscious of having small, Ratfink eyes which I was forever trying to enhance.  Life isn't really made easier when you're told that Indian girls have big almond shaped eyes and you're sitting there with the smallest eyes known to man.

I remember reading somewhere that white eyeliner made your eyes look bigger so I went a bit mad (by my standards at the time) and bought two white eyeliners.  One was by No7 and one was by 17.  I applied these religiously to my eyes every single day..and every lunchtime at school when I realised that the pencil had worn off.

Did it make my eyes look any bigger? No.  Did it make me look like a fool? Yes.

Time went on, I grew up (despite views to the contrary) and realised my eyes weren't as small as I thought.

Then I joined Specktra and people were saying how a nude eyeliner did the same thing but was not as harsh on your eyes.

Luckily, this was just around the time that Stila had their warehouse sale on.  I nabbed the Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz which is a nice nudey colour.

I used it a few times and wasn't really sure it was doing much.  The pencil itself is one of the creamiest I have ever used and I think part of the problem lies there, if it was a tiny bit uncreamy (?) I think application would be easier as at the moment, I'm finding it hard to line my waterline without getting some on my lashes.

Anywho, I've figured out the point of nude eyeliner..it not only makes your eyes looks bigger but it also serves as a great tool to make your eye area look tidier and to make you look more naturally awake.

I'm just wearing the pencil and my trusty Colossal mascara and I think my eyes look pretty decent:
I've decided that this is my "your eyes but better" look and now I know what to reach for when I'm running late for work.

Do any of you ladies use a nude eyeliner?  What are your failsafe eye makeup looks?


  1. Never ever thought to try a nude eyeliner. Have to keep a look out for one.


  2. my eyes are so small and iv always had that problem too, but iv embraced it and infact, i love my eyes, its a lil chinky and thats what i love about it most, but now i need me some nude liner just to enhance my eyes, i know exactly what you mean


  3. nude eyeliner? ive never heard of them lol!
    my failsafe eyelook is curl my lashes 3 times until they stand up poker straight (they drop after a few mins with mascara on anyways) and add LOADS of mascara then liner on the top and flicked out... ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  4. I always use a white and I think it looks crazy white sometimes, and I just look a little ridiculous until it wears off a little bit! I had heard of the stila nude colour and always meant to get it but never have! it looks gorgeous on your eyes! Do you think it would be a good colour for white skin? Like... is there a hint of pink or anything that you would notice?

  5. Hell Ya! I love nude liners - currently I use shade called Soft Star by Chambor - it also has fine shimmer and makes me seem so awake..

    I never really bought into the white liner myth - Rekha really popularized it in India. I was watching Khoon Bhari Maang yesterday (don't ask why) & i noticed copious amts of white liner. Looked silly frankly.

  6. I've never tried a nude liner, but I want to. Then again, I'm pretty happy using a white one at the moment. I used to think I looked freakish with a white waterline, but now I totally dig it!

  7. I really want to try a nude liner, this looks great on you and really does make your eyes 'pop'. But i quite like a white waterline myself.

  8. Jo: I find it really works well, people have been asking me all week what I've done to my eyes to get them looking more lifted.

    Inner Belle: Your eye shape suits your face so you're ok ;) My eyes being small was just something I thought I had when in actual fact they were a normal size.

    Nooberella: Shaddap! Go flaunt your perfect eyes elsewhere *sobs*

    Nikki: Thanks :) I've figured the proper name for this colour, you want an apricot coloured pencil, it all makes sense now but I couldn't think before. I was thinking you could use an apricot colour lipliner..you know another one which is good, it's a milky peachy colour, it's by Rimmel and it's called an eyeshadow pencil, I use that when I'm off to Indian functions as it has a small amount of shimmer in it.

    Tanveer: I haven't seen an Indian film for ages, I was always told it made my eyes look bigger but it never worked so I started using white pencils as a base.

    SilhouetteScreams: I don't think white works with my skin tone as there is a stark difference between the colour of my skin/waterline and the pencil, this nude colour is just a brighter version of my waterline colour.

    Lillian: Thanks :) I think lighter skins can get away with a white waterline, I just looked alien with white pencil on my mush.

    Thanks for your comments :) x

  9. i stumbled across this site looking for nude eyeliner tips, and i'm glad i did! i'm going to stalk your site for a bit now...

  10. This was my recent thing too! white eyeliner was too harsh on my brown skin.

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