Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Review: Korres lip butter (Pomegranate)

I finally got around to trying this after another of my lip balms ran out.

What do Korres say?
"A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish. The combination of Shea butter and Rice wax offers deep hydration and softness. Ideal for chapped lips."

What do I say?
The packaging first, is different to any balm/butter that I've ever used, I quite like this.

There is a lot of information to take in, so much so that Korres had to print on the inside of the box:


The tub:

The first thing that struck me about the lip butter was the pigmentation in the pot, it was a really bright reddish colour which I didn't think would suit me at all.
The consistency is a bit hard to describe as well, it's like a shiny lipstick which has been melted and poured into the tub.  It's not as hard your typical balm/butter, it's quite soft so you pick quite a bit up.

I swatched some on my finger and it was just as bright.

I whacked it on my lips and it applied a bit sheerer than the initial swatch on my finger and the colour is quite wearable.
One of my pet peeves with lip balms is the fact that you can feel that you're wearing it.  You can't really feel that you have this on.

Another thing I liked was the fact that the colour was sheer but that there was still enough pigmentation in there to make my lips look better than their natural self.  After application, my lips were pretty smooth looking and they also looked glossy, I could use it as a lipgloss replacement.

It stays on for an age, I put it on in the morning and it is still there by the time my lunchbreak rolls around which is pretty impressive for a lip balm/butter.

It does everything that it claims to do and for me is a winner.

However, it's not without its faults.  The packaging is a bit decieving as a the tub is a fatter than it looks from the outside so you could get more product for your money if it was a bit thinner.  Also, despite being this thick, it still feels pretty lightweight which could be both a blessing and a curse.

I would buy this because I use it as a no fuss lip colour.  It stays on for ages and the colour works really well on my lips.  Plus, it's excellent at moisturising and keeping my lips nice and soft.  It costs £6 but I get quite a fair bit of usage out of the product.  If I used a lip brush then I'd get even more usage but that's a bit of extra fuss and the finger technique does me fine.

You can buy this here.


  1. Nice review :)

    Where did you buy this?

  2. I've got the rose one and love it, I really want to try more :) xx

  3. i want the whole pomegrante collection!!!!!!!!!!
    this looks lush xxx

  4. Makeup Kitten: Thanks :) It was sent to me for reviewing but you can buy it in John Lewis and Boots. You can also order it from Amazon.

    Katy: They're nice, aren't they? I like the fact that you don't need to put a colour over the top, they're like an all in one dealy.

    Nooberella: It is gorgeous, don't be put off by the colour in the tub, as you can see, it applies really nicely. I'm going to buy some of these once my collection goes down.

  5. nice review :)

    please check out my blog :) x

  6. Gorgeous colour :)

    I actually love that I can feel when Im wearing lipbalm, I guess I'm addicted to having that slip.


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