Monday, 8 March 2010

Does chocolate really give you spots?

Remember way back when I won the Bodyform "prize"?

Well, one of the items I won was this:
I thought it would be perfect for me as it had the deep pore cleansing which is something I've needed lately as my skin has been in a right state.

I followed all the instructions properly and then washed it off.

The mask itself smelled really nice, you know how Palmers smells? Like a lighter version of that.

Anyway, I took it off and my face was burning hot..for ages.  Usually it just get a bit warmer for about 5 minutes but even 30 minutes later it still felt on fire.

I had to cool my face down with some aloe vera gel to get it back to a near normal temperature.

The next day I woke up with a million and one spots on my forehead..hello? This mask is meant to clear my pores? Not give me spots?! 

I chucked it in the bin and wouldn't recommend it to anyone with greasy/oily/combo skin.  I think the main problem is the ingredients, it's marketed as a deep pore cleaning mask but yet also has shea butter and cocoa butter in it which are well known as providing a lot of moisture..

I think I'm going to give these masks another try though but this time I will be trying these:
 All images taken from Google

Have you ladies tried these masks? What did you think of them?


  1. The woman on the front frightens me because I can't see her eyes, they're covered in that random stuf... I dunno, it freaks me out! I don't really bother with face masks much tbh cos I'd prefer ones you get in a tube or a pot with more than one use x

  2. I have some of these and they are quite good fun! I havet tried the chocolate one yet, though I love the sauna one that self heats :) Emma

  3. Ooh,

    This sounds quite scary. In fact a few months back, I had done a chocolate facial and my face felt the burning sensation too.But the beautician assured me that it wouldnt cause any trouble. In fact, it didnt cause any problem to my face.

    But now I am scared to try these things :-)

  4. some masks just do that the superdrug own brand mud and tea tree ones did that too me :(

  5. hmm after that i wont even look in the direction of this product - i mean i went through something really dauntin a couple of weeks ago and i must say since i have been super careful about experimenting with skin prods, i use the eve loms rescue mask and thats really nice, ive used the body shops self heated clay mask ages ago and i really really like that - not sure if they still sell that, but no7 has a similar one thats real nice.

  6. i tried chocolate mask that peel off mask brand. and i think its works good :)

  7. I've never tried these, but I always see them in the drugstore. I'll definitely be staying away from the chocolate one though, that sounds HORRIBLE :|

  8. I've tried the peel off mask and it did crap all. I might as well have smeared PVA glue on my face and peeled it off because that's exactly what it was like!


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