Thursday, 18 March 2010

Review: Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder (Shade WRP4)

This powder was unfortunately too light for me and so I couldn't review it.

As it said it was for fine lines which I don't yet have, I gave it to my mum to use as she is a fair bit lighter than me and it matched her skin pretty well.  She also only has fine lines despite being nearly half a century old, I can't give exact numbers as she would kill me.  A bit before Xmas (October time?) she had an allergic reaction to something (I'm sure it was hair dye) and this resulted in her skin getting some discolouration on her cheeks.


The powder:

Check out what else you get in the box:
What Korres say: 
"Velvety powder, enriched with a botanical blend for a soft, luminous finish.  Wild Rose, a natural source of vitamin C, works to repair fine line and brighten uneven skin tone."

What mi madre said:
Can I keep it?

She loved the powder but not the packaging.  I, on the other hand, loved the packaging because I like big bulky things which won't break when you drop them (natural butterfingers you see).  She did however, like the fact that you got a useful sponge with it, she went as far to say "it picks up the right amount of powder" which is something she always complains about.

She's been wearing it since the weekend after I got it (which was back in January) and she hasn't hit pan yet.  She uses this powder every day and I wouldn't say it mended fine lines but it does make them look less prominent (maybe they will be mended if you carry on using the powder).

The one thing she was most impressed with was how natural it looked on her face and how it really did manage to cover the uneven pigmentation on her cheeks.  She had the pigmentation on her cheeks for ages before using the powder and since she's been using it, the dark pigmentation has totally gone.  I'm not sure if it's the powder which is to be credited for this but I'm thinking it should be because she's changed nothing else in her skincare/makeup routine and the pigmentation had enough time to bugger off before she started to use it but it hung around.

She mentioned that it stayed on all day and that people had commented on how young and glowing she was looking, which can only be a good thing.

It gets a big fat yes from the mother, which basically means that the next time we go out and she sees it on sale, I'll be the one departing with some pennies.

You can buy this powder here.

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