Monday, 15 March 2010

Project Grow Your Own: A while since week 4

Well, it's been a while since I last showed off how my nails were growing on here.

I've had my Jessica Nails manicure (which was gor diddly orgeous) and I've applied polish a few times myself (both with favourable and non favourable results).

The one thing I've been doing consistently with my nails is applying this:
I'm more than happy with most of them, apart from one that broke because it was damaged and the two that snapped themselves because I kept nibbling them :( In my defence, they only broke this week.

I've also got a problem, can any of you nail-y gals help me out? Scroll down and you will see it, it's nothing gross!


  1. your making good progress with a few minor set backs, (stop biting) :P

    those marks could just be scratches on the surface of your nail, maybe?

  2. I used to bite my nails for YEARS... from my childhood till about 16... then like you I wanted nice feminine nails and not nasty bitten down fingernails.

    I have a question if anyone can answer:
    The one thing that annoys me so much is that we get the white tip bit a lot lower down into the nail than those who didnt bite them. Is this going to always be the case due to our biting issue? I hate it.

    And stay strong girl, get through it and it will be all worth it :D xx

  3. No idea what those marks are! Maybe some unexplained alien-related phenomenon :P

  4. Am not a doctor or anything, but I would hazard a guess that the marks are dirt or blood that was in/on the exposed nailbed of your nails when they were bitten. The nail has grown back and sandwiched it in there. Hopefully it'll grow out. See the doc though, who will likely have a definitive answer.

    Nails look great, huge improvement and testament to your willpower.


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