Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review: Korres Zea Mays Blusher (Shade 18 Peach)

Blusher.  This has always been something which I've struggled to get right.  I never really wore blusher until about two years ago when I got a sample of a YSL which is still going strong now.  I was never too adventurous with it because I didn't want to look silly but Yinka (once again!) is a great enabler.  She has practically every blusher ever made by NARS and she's nice enough to blend her swatches so you can see how they look applied.  I'm getting a lot more adventurous (and less clown like) thanks to her.

First, the packaging:



When looking at swatches online, I usually assume that the swatch shows the colour of the product in the pan and not how it looks when you apply it.  The swatches on the Korres site are more representative of the colour once it has been applied and blended.  I wanted a peachy shade and was a bit disheartened when the product looked dusky pink in the pan.  However, once it has been applied, it is actually a nice peachy shade.

What do Korres say?
"Velvety blush with Corn starch powder particles, for a luminous effect and a smooth finish."

What did I think?
Even a rudimentary swatch will tell you that it's soft.  It's one of the softest blushers I've ever used. I loved this, it's glittery but not overly so.  Blending was a charm as well, no chalkiness.  I have to agree with all the claims that Korres make, it really is really soft and it does perk your skin up when you wear it.

I also found that it worked very well as a contour.  I just dashed it on as a blusher but quite a few people asked me if I'd lost a bit of weight and even the Mr said that I looked different.  I took a photo of my face and realised that my face did look more angular when I was wearing the blusher.

Yes indeedy.  Application was easy, the amount of glitter was perfect and the added bonus of contour mean that I'd buy this.

You can buy this blusher from here.


  1. Ohh that looks like a gorgeous colour! I have an obsession with blushers and I believe this should be in my collection!!

  2. looks wonderful! I love peach blushes, this one looks like a goodie! :D

  3. so pretty, thanks for the swatches and review huni x

  4. gorgeous colour, peachy colours look so pretty on tanned skin x

  5. Gorgeous :) looks very Orgasm-esque


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