Thursday, 11 February 2010

Roll up, roll up, girl giving away makeup at table 5

I'd like to say a big fat thank you to all of you who follow this blog, read my ramblings, (converse with me on Twitter when I pick your brains about makeup and nails) and take the time to comment, your efforts don't go unnoticed!

Now to the best bit!

I know I'm 20 followers late on this but I've been racking my brains re. what to actually give away but I think I've finally decided so here it is..

The prizes:

Everything bar the Smashbox shadows are brand new.  The shadows are new too but the bluey colour has a nail indent in it (it happened when I was trying to open the quad) and the peach has a very slight graze in it (it came this way). I'm only being a bit OTT about the condition of the palette because there have been giveaways in the past where winners have taken issue at the products not being as described.

How you enter:
  • Follow this blog and be an active blogger, either in the beauty or fashion community.  If you don't fulfil this criteria and still decide to try your hand, good luck to you because you won't be winning this giveaway.  There are a lot of people out there who follow a blog as soon as giveaway is posted, they never comment apart from the obligatory "enter me" and then unfollow as soon as the winner is announced.  I'll be clicking on all the entrants to see if they have blogs and what they're about so you've got fair warning.  Another thing I feel I should add, don't become a "secret" follower and hope you can enter that way because I'll do my research!
  • Leave a comment below stating what you'd like to see more of on this blog (and of course, the obligatory "enter me"), this will count for 1 entry.
  • Post on your blog about the giveaway, this will count for 3 entries.
  • Have a link in your sidebar about the giveaway, that will count for 5 entries.
If you post about my giveaway on your blog or link back to it, can you please tell me that you've done it so I can add your extra entries.

I nearly forgot to say, the giveaway is open internationally :)

The giveaway closes on Monday March 8th at 12 a.m (i.e. late night Sunday),  good luck!

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