Thursday, 25 February 2010

EOTD: A cheat's version of the smokey cat eyes

I was messing around with my Stila palette and my new 239 brush the other day and I had a massive makeup success so I've decided to blog about it, as you do.

I was trying to just improve my blending skills but I ended up with a very nice smoked out cats eye.

Here's what progressed..

It happened totally by accident! Firstly, here's what I used:
You'd never guess this unless I told you but I'm actually showing off the manicure I got at London Fashion Week (there's a post coming up on both the catwalks and the manicure very soon!) by Heather from Jessica Nails.  First ever manicure baby and it's still holding up today.  Two nails got slightly smudged and one is a total fail but from a distance of about a foot, you can't tell!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  I used the top brush for the lid colour and the bottom brush for the feline aspect.

Oh, by the way, I didn't use any UDPP because mine has totally dried out and I was only messring around with the shadows, the Stila shadows in this palette are surprisingly pigmented and came up really well on my skin considering how light they looked in the palette.

This is how I got the look:
    1. Load the top brush up with the lid colour and apply it to the lid and blend it out upwards, make sure though that you don't get it under ALL of the brow, you just want to cover the lid and blend it up to the outer edge of your brow (have a look at the pics and you see what I mean). 
    2. Load the bottom brush up with the darker colour and tap off any excess (you can see some excess from the white/pink colour but I can remove that easily).
    3. Stroke the brush across half of your upper lashline and then JUST under your socket bone/line.
    4. At this stage it should look like a backwards C.
    5. Blend the darker colour along the lines that you applied it.
    6. Once it has been blended in, add some more and blend again.
    7. Add some more colour to your bottom brush (but not as much as you had before) and gently fill in the space of the C.
    8. If you've added too much, blend the middle of the C out, too much colour in there will make it look silly, you want the outer part of the C to look darkest.
    You know you've finished when the C has become more of a < kind of shape, aka feline.

    I used to think that this look was really hard to achieve but if I can manage it whilst watching Shameless, anybody can!

    I'm quite impressed with the results, mainly how bloody gorgeous that black Stila eyeshadow is, it's super easy to blend and there is practically no fallout.

    One eye took me about 5-ish minutes to do.

    How many of you watch Shameless? Who's your favourite character annnnnnnnnnnd what looks have you been trying out recently? I want to know so I can take inspriation (read: copy)


    1. Nice one, Rammy! I dont find it easy peasy to achieve in a jiffy like u, but lemme give it a try at least!

      thnq for the FOTD, dear! I dont watch Shameless and I hardly use makeup, dear! Did I hear u gasp?

    2. I really really love this Rham. Im big on dark smokey eyes, so looking at this made me feel all warm inside haha.

      As for Shameless... LOVE IT! you already know that though. Fave Characters are Karl looks iwse, although I dont like his new hair, hes got a hot body though and Micky over-all. That guy is just hilarous!! He literally nearly has me wetting myself "smell me fingers smell me fingers... guess what that is... its your dad!" lmao. Love it!!!


    3. I love it too, I never wear smokey eyes myself as I look ,like someones hit me in the face but this looks great!

      And as you know I love Shamless! I felt sorry for Ian when Micky grassed him up re Maxine and Carl hit him :( xx

    4. This looks awesome.. not as 'heavy' as I thought it would be, but I'd love to see what it looks like from a bit further away, if that makes sense! x

    5. babe ur gettin so much better at this, and before u mentioned it i noticed your fab nails, love that colour, ur nails are well on theyre way!


    6. Divija: Practice really makes it easier, my blending used to be really crap (still isn't great) but the more you do it, the easier it becomes!

      Jo: Lol, I'm glad I could give you that feeling! I think I'd wear this look in the daytime though I'm not sure if I actually would. I feel like a right perv thinking that Karl is fit seeing as he's about 18 and he needs to get of that hair. For some reason I developed a crush on Ian, right when he went gay. They need to give Mickey his own spinoff, he'd be brilliant.

      Girl with the Golden Touch: I was always scared of smokey eyed looks because I'd use too much black and never blend it out, I think the trick is to have a black with a bit of glitter in it, a flat black won't really work. Me, you and Jo should form a "We love Shameless" group ;) I can't believe that Karl would hit his own brother that much (I know that they're not biological brothers but even still..) I wonder if Karl and Maxine actually get married? And what's happening to Paddy and Mimi?! They are meant to be solid.

      Perfectionishuman: Thanks :) I think if you use the white colour for the lid and then the darker colour on the outside, it's a lot softer. I see what you mean but I couldn't get a clear shot from a bit further away.

      Inner Belle: Thank you! And double thanks for noticing the nails, they've probably grown a lot more since Suday but having the polish on prevents me from biting them. I saw your Q and A video today and little Rexie is so cute!

    7. aw thanks my love lil rexi is jus gettin bigger n bigger

    8. Wow, i love your eye make up =)


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