Friday, 26 February 2010

Products I would quite happily elope with: v2


YSL Palette Pop, free (got it free when I bought the Teint Parfait):
  • Right amount of sparkle and the colour is perfect for my skin
  • Sample size and it has lasted me a lot longer than a year, I use it every day!

YSL Teint Parfait, £25:
  • The only foundation I've used which makes my skin feel matte but look glowing in photos
  • Cheap! It costs £25 but I've been using it for an absolute age and it still doesn't look anywhere near empty
  • Despite there not being many shades in the range, matching to skin is very easy

MAC Full on Lust lipglass, £5:
  • Super pigmented pink gloss which makes both my lips look the same colour:
  • Can be used as an everyday gloss or for pale lips when I've got a smokey eye going on

Rimmel Captivate Me lipgloss, free (won it from Rimmel):
  • Non sticky
  • Lasts ages on the lips 
  • Gives natural looking lips with the right amount of glitter:
  • Plumps your lips up despite not being touted as a lip plumper

Simple eye makeup remover pads, 0.75p:
  • HUGE!
  • Super gentle on eyes but get everything removed
  • Not greasy (I remember I said that I loved my Boots Essentials pads which I still do, the Simple ones are also brilliant)
 L'oreal Demaq' wipes, £3.00:
  • Excellent for lazy days when you are wearing a full face but don't have time/effort needed to wash
  • No need to moisturise once you've used them
  • Take off even super pigmented foundations
 Prestige My Biggest Lashes, £5.00:
  • Knockout lashes with no effort
  • No flaking, smudging etc..
 L'oreal Colour Mineral eyeshadow, free (won in a competition):
  • Perfect amount of sparkle for a day eyeshadow
  • Stays on pretty well without UDPP underneath it
  • Brush is actually quite useful!
 Which products are you guys currently loving...and why?


    1. I love superdrug stuff like! You get to splurge nd that doesnt hurt ur wallet :)

    2. great post, i might do something similar =D

      btw. what kinda coverage is that foundation...?


    3. I might try that YSL foundation, I'm using a MAC one right now and not loving it.x

    4. loving the post, id want to elope with all my makeup stuff lol well most of it!

      Could you do a review on the YSL Teint Parfait please :) plus i know you said there isnt much in the colour spectrum but whats your mac shade and this one?

      and woah wopper deal with the simple eye makeup remover!

    5. Divija: Superdrug and Boots are great for things like that, I just wish that Superdrug had a card like Boots have.

      Noober: The foundation is very light, I think I'd say it's sheer as my skin thankfully isn't too bad so I don't need something too heavy and apparently you can use it as a primer. When I bought it, I was told it was a skin perfector so I don't think it's meant to be piled on but you could build coverage up now that I think about it.

      Girl with the Golden Touch: I'd reccomend it, it's really good, you use a miniscule amount.

      Inner Belle: That foundation was the first thing I ever reviewed on this blog, just click the ysl label and you will see the review, if you want swatches/a more in detail review then I can do a post for you. I don't know what MAC shade I am, the name of this shade is Golden Sand (or Golden Beige). The Simple remover was too good to pass up and I got about 3 packets because I was out of my other remover pads.


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