Friday, 26 February 2010

My Winter Skincare Essentials

This winter has been the harshest I have ever experienced, snow and ice freezing your face off, central heating on full whack sucking the moisture out of your skin and so on..

I've had to kick my skincare up a notch as I felt it getting tighter and flaky and this is what I've been using to ensure my skin has stayed true to its sexy self:
I use the Aqueous cream as a night cream and it works really good, it feels a bit thick for combo skin but it's perfect for this weather as I wake up with a face which doesn't feel tight or flaky.  I thought I would be far too young to use the serum and I was because it made my whole face flaky but I found that if I used it on my nose under my day cream, it allowed my nose to be moisturised but not look greasy.  The eye roll-on is my HG of eye creams, I store it in the fridge and it feels really nice when I put it on and I feel it moisturises better this way.

I was meant to picture these two along with my skincare items but for some reason, I totally forgot.  I use the Carmex for my lips and I feel it's not as good as the tube version which is odd as I assume they were made of the same ingredients.  I use my trusty Anatomicals handcream and it's the best I've ever used, not sticky or greasy and it really conditons my hands.  I've been using it non stop and am still not halfway through this tube.

I've had this post in draft for ages (surprising, I know) and I have since found that the Carmex tin doesn't work for me but I've left Carmex in there as the tube is excellent. So, tub - bad, tube - good.

The jewel in my crown for keeping warm in the winter however are these badboys:
Pardon the drier-than-the-Sahara leg, I only shaved my legs that day and the only reason they look furry is lack of moisture.

What do you guys use to keep your skin looking good through these horrible winter months? I'd love to know what you use so I can try it out..


  1. The Carmex Cherry Lipbalm is excellent... and it tastes lovely... you should deff try it! Sam xx

  2. Anatomicals packaging is awesome.. I want to buy all their products just cos the names make me smile.
    And I swear by vaseline a few times a week.. it works for pretty much everything.. under eyes, lips, hands, ANYTHING.


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