Tuesday, 2 March 2010

London Fashion Week: Part 2

The second show I watched was Espirit de Corps by Horace.

This show was totally different to the first one. 

All the models in the EdC show donned wigs and had their makeup done so that they looked like shop mannequins, I don't know how the makeup artists did this but all the models looked like mannequins..how do you make a person look plastic yet totally matte? The models wore mannequin lips (lips that were the same colour as the rest of their faces) and the brows were jet black and bushy.

I really liked the fact that all the models were made up to look exactly the same as I feel it fitted in with the outfits which came down the runway.  It also reminded me of something that Tyra Banks said on ANTM, that the models are just pretty hangers for the clothes (hence being made up to look like mannequins so that the attention isn't taken away from the clothes).  It would never of occured to me to make the models actually look like mannequins because I didn't think that was possible.  The skills of the makeup artists were way beyond what I thought was possible with makeup.

You could tell that the items were all from the same collection as the boots sported by the models were all v. similar and the outfits utilised a lot of the same colours (mainly black, grey and bright pinks, purples, oranges and blues) and materials.  That sounds really bitchy but it really isn't, I liked the way it all fitted together.

I can't think of the word I'd like to use to describe the clothes in this show, they weren't as girly as the items in the Doii show but they still had bright colours.  I think the EdC collection is more wearable than the Doii collection but that's clearly down to personal preference.  I would wear clothes from both collections but the EdC collection would be more at home in my wardrobe.  I think the Doii collection was more "gentle" and the EdC collection was more edgy but that's just my own opinion.  I'm not discrediting either collection at all, I saw the work that went into making both collections (my mum is a bitchin' seamstress so I know how hard sewing is).

The music once again was very booming but it was a gentler booming than the Doii music, I see that the old juxtapositioning is not lost on the fashion world.  

There was just as much varation in the EdC show as there was in the Doii show, both did it very differently.

I got a better seat for this show (second row in towards the end of the catwalk) and the photographs are a bit better.

Well done if you've made it this far, it's photo time!  I warn you now that they're nowhere near the quality of photos I usually take.

Anyway, look at the boots!
I wonder how they managed to make the boots the way they did, they defied the law of gravity.  I remember thinking that they looked upside down because of the way they fell.

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