Monday, 8 February 2010

If you're greasy and you know it, clap your hands *clap clap*

The other day I was being bored out of my mind watching someone play Call of Duty (badly, might I add) so I decided to play with my face a little bit.  BAD IDEA. I convinced myself that my skin was really bumpy (we don't get spots once we're over 20, didn't ya know?) and I decided to take some action.

The next day, I thought I'd just use a scrub and be done with it.  Despite having a million and one jars of stuff already open, I decided to venture into the spares drawer.

I came up clutching Tescos Skin Wisdom Instant Benefits Gental Botanical Derma Polish.  Man, that's a mouthful!
It retails for the grand sum of £1 in Tescos.  I think they were more as when I got them (I have three), they were on clearance.  I've been back to Tescos since and they've still got tonnes on the shelf.  Most of the range is now £1.  I'm going to pick up the anti-wrinkle pen and the night cream this week. 

In the pot it smells quite nice and a bit like cherries (I thought raspberries at first).  I know EXACTLY where I smelt this smell before..I was in year 9 at school and we went on a trip to Germany and stayed in the Hotel Schloss. So, now that I've told you it smells like a hotel which you've never been to, I'm sure you're all dying to have a whiff.

One thing I have an issue with is when companies call products fruity, stupid names.  Why bother? This is marketed as a skin derma basically a skin skin polish.  What irked me even more was the use of the word "polish", why would anyone with greasy skin want to polish their face?

Anyway, the instructions are a joke:
I had to read them three/four times on the box to figure out what to do.  I don't know if I'm the only one who does this but when I read the instructions, I like to actual read and be able to see mentally what I'm doing.  This was impossible, according to the box I needed two hands on my face at all times.  In the end I had to resort to practicing on Mr Ross whilst he held the box.

Doesn't sound so positive so far, does it?

I chucked the box away and was surprised to see that the instructions on the tub say:
Not quite the same as what the outer packaging said, is it?

The actual "polish" is just a scrub:
I put the "polish" on my face and totally ignored the instructions because I didn't have the patience to concentrate for that long.

Then out of nowhere there was this disgusting smell in the bathroom..somehow the smell of the "polish" had changed and it wasn't too pleasant.  I've just realised that I forgot to mention the ingredients, here we go:
I washed it off, checked my face in the mirror and it did look cleaner so I was semi impressed.

I waited a while and whacked my moisturiser on.  Hours later, I checked my face and it was still matte.  I've used it a few times and it's been the same story each time.

Yes.  I'd buy this again as I think I can get over the smell and the end result is pretty good.  The product promised instant results and smooth skin and I definitely got that from this.   It's really good at cleaning my skin and not drying me out. If you suffer from the greasies, give this a try and you won't go wrong!


  1. oooh ill keep my eyes open for this one when i go to tescos next

  2. Great review hun! Will defo check it out :) Sucha bargain!

  3. Lol at your review! It didn't sound positive at all till the end! I may have to see what tesco have to offer now.

    I have used the Skin Wisdom cleanser/gel thing before and it really helped keep spots at bay for the week i used it.

  4. It's really good if you have combo skin or greasy skin but the instructions can be ignored. I don't recommend flicking your skin at all. I'd understand if it was a revolutionary product but it's just a scrub so treat it as that!

    Ally, the product really annoyed me because you needed a PhD to understand the damn thing. Oooh, I might hae to try the cleanser (once I've finished the mountain of items I have in my bathroom cabinet).


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