Saturday, 17 October 2009

It's that time of year again..

Hey everyone,

I'm back at my parents' house today..This is just a really quick bloggy blog post to tell you all what you probably know is DIWALI! It's one of the two times of the year (the second being Vasakhi) where if you're of the Asian persuasion, you can eat, drink and be as merry as you like without feeling guilty that you've eaten too much.

I don't know what we have planned for today, all I do know is that we are going to have to pull together as a family and have a "good" time.  I'm quite excited about tonight because we have a mammoth firework display in my parents' back garden :)

The issues I have for today are as following..
  • What to wear? I already know I'm wearing my sparkly silver flats I got from Topshop but wearing only shoes isn't a viable option..
  • Makeup? I'm not sure whether to do one of my Urban Decay faces, I might do the multiple liner one because it looks nice and is easy to do..

Oooh, only two issues, pretty good going!

I should have added some pics but I'm in a bit of a rush as I have to do some work around the house whilst my parents are out buying some last minute bits...I'll add my pics to another post if my camera sorts itself out.

For those of you who celebrate Diwali, have a good one! And for those of you who don't, what are your plans for this Saturday?

PS, 50 followers?! Thank you guys so much :)


  1. sounds like heaps of fun, hope your day is awesome! :D

  2. Thanks ladies, it was a great day. Didn't manage to get any pics though as my camera battery has gone missing :(


  3. I know I'm late but hope you had a good one! x x


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