Friday, 24 July 2009

Review: Hauling, hauling, hauling..swatching swatching swatching

I've got the Rawhide theme tune stuck in my head thanks to hearing it on Eastenders and the Simpsons twice in as many weeks.

This is the second of the three entries I will be making this weekend/tonight if I get that bored but I may not even have time for this one as I'm going to see The Shining in 5 minutes :)

Anyway, this has been quite a haulage of a beauty week for me as I have bought not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE items of makeup within the space of two days.

I've bought three Urban Decay shadows from a lovely Specktra-ette ( and two Prestige mascaras (the ones which form the review that preceded this post. This post focuses mainly on the UD shadows and is like a semi review/swatch of them :)

Here's the haul in its entirety:




L-R: Illegal, Chopper, Foxy.
This is exactly how the colours look in real life.

Illegal is a rosey colour apparently but to me it looks more like chocolate milk and it matches my lids perfectly and I will be using it every day. It looks a bit patchy compared to Chopper but that's because the ring finger is the weakest (which is why we use it for applying TE) but the colour is just as creamy as the other two.

Chopper is SUPER shimmery but there is great gold colour behind it, I wouldn't wear it everyday as it is a bit OTT for that but it's perfect for nights out. Also, to you desi ladies who know how hard it is to find a shadow to match those gorgeous yet pesky desi outfits, GET THIS as it matches perfectly. Nice and glimmery IRL and applies a charm, that's a light swatch and look at the colour pay off.

Foxy has not really been used by me yet and TBH I'm struggling to see where I'd use it, I think I might use it as a highlighter by really buffing it out or take a tight eyeliner brush to it and use it as an eyebright as it is very similar to Benefit's EyeBright pencil.

Yes, yes and yes again. In conclusion, the eyeshadows are some of the softest I have ever used and would SO buy them again for the following reasons:
  • great colour pay off
  • very very soft
  • WOC friendly
  • a little goes a long way


  1. Glad you like the eyshadows! I'm the one who sold them to you : ) i've subscribed to you blog.
    Elle x

  2. Thanks, I've returned the love :)

    The shadows are possibly the best I've ever used and I'm so going to buy more. I'm just glad that they don't have as many colours as MAC or else I'd be homeless soon enough



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