Saturday, 25 July 2009

Exterminate! Exterminate! Join me on my quest..

Last post for the weekend I promise! (I still have a FOTD to post up but that will be up during the week/next week).

I had a post about this in my main blog last year, it's about using up everything I have before buying new stuff and I must say I'm coming on leaps and bounds. I saw a thread about this on a forum and was inspired to use up everything of mine before buying new stuff as I had tonnes of body moisturisers, shower gels, shampoos etc.. to use before I really needed new ones. I got all my shampoos out of the way and then realised how many conditioners I have. I have bought only one conditioner since last year and that turned out to be crap for my hair and now I use it to wash my makeup brushes.

I made a list last October time and nearly everything from that list is finished. I went down from having 20 body moisturisers to having only 1 of that stock left. I bought another one as they were on offer but that's by the by.

I'm going to make this post just about everything I have and I will cross it off as I go through it. This year I have made a paper list as well and that will help me write everything down here.

So, here we go...(it's a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng list)

Tresemme heat defence deep conditioner
Tresemme curly hair deep conditioner
Boots lemonbalm deep conditioner
Pantene deep conditioner
Pantene individual deep conditioner
Umberto Gianini overnight conditioner
Mark Hill split end capsules

Face washes/moisturisers
TBS mask
TBS mask

Hair styling bits
Pantene hairspray
Pantene shine spray
KMS paste up spray
KMS paste up spray
Lee Stafford spray
Lee Stafford spray
Loreal tecni art serum
Loreal tecni art leave in conditioner
OSIS slick cream
Botanics heat defence spray
Twisted Sister serum
Twisted Sister serum
Twisted Sister conditioner
Twisted Sister conditioner
Twisted Sister curl spray
Twisted Sister curl spray
Toni and guy hair shots x 6
KMS styling gel

There we go! And I've realised that I've finished quite a bit recently and have just removed them from the list as I can't see how to cross them out.

Here's the list in its original form:

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