Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Sunday Night Sit-Down

Good evening everyone and welcome to another installment of my crappy life.  Well, I say that, my life isn't too crappy at all..I've got a roof over my head and food on the table..things that I am eternally grateful for.

Without further ado, here's what has been exciting and annoying me these past weeks..

  • My iPod - I bought this a fair while ago from Best Buy as my boss had a discount code and it was the cheapest price around.  I have been using this at every opportunity I get.  I seem to work easier when listening to music so it has been glued to my ears as I've been spending a lot of time in the case prep room on my Jack Jones.
  • Nivea Tinted moisturiser - Comes in only one shade but I think it works really well on my skin.  I bought some Neutrogena moisturiser and that really messed my skin up.  The Nivea moisturiser came home with me as I was able to swap them.  I have been applying this with my ELF stipple brush and it is working well.  I buff this in and then add some Rimmel Stay Matte powder over the top and my face doesn't go orange.
  • Losing weight - I have lost just over 5kgs in the space of four weeks.  I don't know how much that is in pounds but trousers are looser as are tops.  I'm going to carry on as it's not hard to bang out 40 minutes of cardio in the work gym.  My iPod has also been good to me in this respect, I have a gym playlist and it works brilliantly.
  • My gym playlist - I added songs on here that I enjoy listening to and ones that push me to go further.  Queen's Don't Stop Me Now is very good for getting my arse moving, I find that RHCP (my favourite band of all time) are good at drawing out the start and end of their songs so that I get to listen to a full minute of guitar and bass and that doesn't feel like anything at all.  
  • G-Company - Nachna Nai Onda ft. Ashok Gill - I have the five minute version of this song and it makes my run on the treadmill just fly by.  I listen to it four times (more than 20 minutes long) and it really helps get me moving and burning the calories off.  I would say it's the kind of song that you can't sit still to when you hear it, but then that's practically all bhangra music!  This song reminds me of Simon because he always says "I can't do bhangra" but you take him to a Punjabi wedding and try to keep him in his seat..the nachna nai onda means I can't dance in Punjabi.
  •  Learning Russian - Simon learnt to speak Punjabi so now I'm learning to speak Russian, which is HARD.  Now I understand how hard he found Punjabi.  His grand-dad is Irish and I'm already fluent in that, all I need to know is drink, feck, arse, girls.
  • Blusher - my fear of looking like a clown seems to have faded as I have been using every blusher I have on a daily basis.

  • The lift at my parents' house - I do not know what is wrong with this thing.  I'm not a lazy twat in that I use it when I don't need to, I only use it when I have a lot of things that need carrying to my bedroom which is on the third floor.  I have used it twice and both times I have been stuck in it.  I know who does that, my brothers.  They think they're funny but one day I'll force them in it and get them stuck.  They're luck their bedrooms are on the first and second floors.  We had a lift in the old house but that never ever got stuck..and I seldom used it.  Maybe that's the link?
  • The gym at my parents' house - My parents have finally finished this house and the gym is in action.  I used it yesterday and like a hero, did a 30 minute run on an incline that was torture.  Today, my whole body is aching..I just hope I recover by tomorrow.
  • Flat shoes that are uncomfortable - I'm looking at you Oasis.  I bought some leather flats from here and they are super uncomfortable.  I look like a right dingus whingeing about flat shoes but it's true.  They cut my feet and have no grip.  I had to wear my running shoes around work on Monday..not a good look when you're meeting with Counsel. 
  • People in a rush to get off Tubes - This has been pissing me off something rotten recently.  There is a guy who gets on the train with me at London Bridge (Jubilee line incase you fancy stalking me of a Monday morning) and he gets off at Canary Wharf.  Whenever we get to CW, he insists on pushing in front of me to get off the the train first.  He had been doing this for two weeks and it wound me up so much that this Thursday just gone, I hit him with my gym bag...and yes, I am proud of that fact.  The worst thing is that when he gets OFF the tube, he walks at a pace that would frustrate the slowest of walkers.
  • My diet - I have stopped eating chocolates and sweets and I swear I want them more than I ever have before.  Instead, I've been chowing down on fruit which is no way as exciting!


  1. this post made my entire weekend hahaha :) i'll be back next Sunday! And David Guetta gets my butt moving on my iPod! xxx

  2. I like this post! Keep up the work at the gym and a gym in your parents

  3. Black Eyed Peas' Rock your body is my favourite gym tune. I'm a fellow jubilee line user. What pisses me off is when I get off the tube at Bond St to change and people coming down the escalators run at full whack nearly crashing into me even though there's a train one minute behind!! One day I'm going to stick my foot out...


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