Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Sunday Night Sit-Down

Aloha everyone!

I'm not in Hawaii (although I wish I was as it is gorgeous there), I just felt like mixing up the language a bit being the culture vulture that I am.

I have had no time at all for blogging properly since my last post so I've decided to do a series of posts that will go out on different days of the week just about what I'm up to and things that are getting me excited as I've honestly had emails from people asking me these such things.'s the first ever Sunday Night Sit-Down.  I've stolen the name from the Mafia Sit-Down because I'm a gangsta like that, me and Tony Montana go way back..

Today is Mother's Day and we were meant to be taking my mum to Annabels but she didn't fancy it so I had to butter the guy up and cancel our reservation at the last minute.  We didn't do anything too glamorous by way of substitution, just stayed at home and stuffed our faces with food.  This year she asked for nothing and thus, got nothing..

Anyway, here's what has been exciting me and annoying me over the past few weeks..

  • The Revlon Lip Stains - I bought two of these and I love(d) them both.  The colour was fantastic, I stored them upside down to prevent them drying out and application was a doddle.  They turned into an annoyance and those reasons will be made clear very soon.
  • SALE SHOPPING! Yes, it is now March (eeesh!) but I got some very good bargains in the sale.  I got a pair of boots from Zara for a tenner, three pairs of leather shoes from Wallis for £15 in total, a pair of suede shoes from John Rocha for £12 (I had to engage in guerilla warfare for those..) and a House of Holland dress for a tenner.
  • Working close to an underground station.  This might sound a bit stupid but it definitely isn't..  Do you know how far News Internation HQ is from Tower Hill station?  A good twenty minute walk.  My firm is heavily involved in the Leveson Inquiry and me and another associate had to oversee paralegals at NI HQ before Christmas and in January.  The paralegals are still there but another associate has taken the role over now.  It used to take me longer to walk to NI HQ than my actual Tube journey.  And another bit of interesting info for you..NI HQ is the building the use as the external shot of Reynholm Industries in The IT Crowd!
  • Getting back to investigating financial crime.  Mergers and acquisitions are brilliant but financial crime is my baby.  I love seeing how defendants think they're too smart to be caught out..despite leaving massive paper trails and talking about their deals on recorded lines.  Seriously, you think you're financially savvy and you'll get away with're regulated by the FSA which means they record your work phones and you're still talking about it.  And if you were so financially savvy, you wouldn't need to be getting inside tips, fools! 
  • New sofas.  Yes, we finally have new sofas, they're huuuuge and they took me ages to get comfortable on.  They recline, they have a fridge compartment and a place where you can store food..EPIC WIN!  The only issue with this was that when the guys came to drop them off, their van broke down right outside our flat.  That caused issues as the road is small and no-one could pass.  It took two hours to rescue them and then they broke down a bit further down the road..
  • Finally joining the work gym.  I've joined the work gym where I currently am (on secondment) and I have been going every single day.  Went spinning the other day and my leggings ripped but thankfully only my leg was revealed..although I was wearing very nice knickers that day so that would have been fine!
  • The Big and Clever podcast.  I went through a phase a while ago where I went on a batshit crazy spree of downloading all podcasts that I thought sounded interesting.  Three or so months down the line, the only one I have fully listened to it the Big and Clever podcast.  The two guys behind this are fucking hilarious.  They're DJs by trade and they crack me up, one's called Danny Blaze and the other is Keith True.  I really don't know how these two are mates, they're so different..but then look at me and the boy.  If you've got an iPod (and who hasn't these days?) get these two on there, you won't regret it.  They go through the odd news stories of the week..well they try but Danny always has a story to tell after every single story.  He also has a fascination with Dear Diedre, who we both think is fictitious..  
  • Late night driving with Simon.  I've mentioned before that we have all our deep conversations on these drives and this is true.  We have had a lot of these drives recently and every single time we end up talking about something different.  I enjoy staring at the buildings under a cover of darkness, the way the makeup of towns changes as we trek across London to our very own town. 
  •  Suits.  I love watching this, mainly because it is so fake.  Yes, they work all hours in a law firm but their offices are ridiculous, no senior associates/partners in London have offices like that.  Never would you find a paralegal with her own office when new associates are in open plan.  And Rachel (the paralegal) is the sole paralegal in the department which is unheard of.  Plus, paralegals are the right hand men and women of lawyers both in the UK and the US.  Despite this she never communicates wit Harvey?  Having said that, I am in serious lust with Harvey Spector.  His sharp suits, the hair and the contoured cheekbones make me watch that show every single week.

  • The Revlon Lip Stains - Perfect at first but they dried out VERY quickly.  I used one for a week and it was dry come the next Monday.  I have managed to get some more colour out of these but nothing like how they were at the start.  Revlon need to fix that.  My next ones to try are the NYC ones as the Max Factor ones are a bit offkey too.
  • Spending my life in the case prep room at work.  The view from all the case prep rooms at work is stunning, on one side you see all of the City and West London, on the other it's Canary Wharf.  I enjoy spending a little bit of time in the case prep room as I can see my home from there (win!)
  • People in the gym not wiping down the equipment.  I don't want to touch your sweat, bloody clean up after yourself! 
  •  People eating my food from the work fridge and thinking it is fine to replace it.  Buy your own in the first place!
  • Not spending enough time with Simon.  This year has been really busy for both of us.  He got a promotion at work, I'm not at my usual office so it's harder to run away and meet him for a coffee.

So..that's my first Sunday Night Sit-Down and there are more than enough to come!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Can't wait for more :) x

  2. Me too - you are Awesome!

  3. Bloody lip stains. I bought revlon twilight and it dried up after a week. Recently purchased a rimmel one which id pigmented so fingers crossed.


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