Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Swatch Files: LA Colors eyeliner pencils in Black, Violet and Sky Blue

I can't help myself when it comes to buying eyeliner.  I have about six million that I need to use up and still I buy more and more.

I bought these in the Autumn and I've been getting some good use out of them.  I especially like the blue as it is one of the few bright blues that shows up well on my skin.
All three are pigmented and smudge out a treat.  I find that the Black and Volet pencil glide on smoother than the Sky Blue one.  Having said that, the Sky Blue one isn't a total pain!


  1. sky blue does look verrry gorgeous! I always end up neglecting all my colour liners and opting for safe black.. maybe a brown if I'm feeling rebellious ha x

  2. The sky blue looks Pweettii! wish i had that!

    *ps: can you please visit my blog? would really appreciate it!

  3. Where can I purchase these from? I totes need Sky Blue!! xo

  4. Hey can you tell me please where i can purchase them.. i want that black and violet color eyeliner pencil..

    Lehenga choli designs

  5. I've heard that LA colours nail varnishes are good too. I've just started following your blog, it looks great so look forward to reading future posts. Take a peek at mine if you do get a chance x

  6. Sky blue looks gorgeous, just found your blog am now following xx


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