Monday, 7 November 2011

Review: The Body Shop's Aloe Vera Protective Serum

Earlier this year, my skin went really dodgy.  I don't know what happened to it but it went from being combination to really really dry.  Nothing I did was good enough until I bought Garnier's toner (reviewed here) and The Body Shop's Aloe Vera Protective Serum.

I tried tonnes of moisturisers that promised to inject some moisture back in but none of them did anything so I went on the hunt for something new.  I saw this in The Body Shop and was sold as soon as it said it reinforced your natural shield.

I bought it..used it and saw a difference after the first couple of days.  I don't believe that it gives your skin extra moisture, I think it just locks in the moisture you already have..that's what I'm lead to believe from the blurb on it.

You don't need to use a lot of it either, just a thin layer under your face cream.  Don't put too much on as otherwise I found it did nothing and you greased up really quickly.

When I thought it'd done its job, I put it away..

Now the weather has turned again and I've taken it out.   I don't have much left and I really wanted to finish it before throwing it away.

This is where my complaint comes in.  I have had this since about February/March time.  The little "use by" box says that once this is opened, it will last for 12 months.  It has already gone off.  How do I know this?  It doesn't smell like it used to.  It had a gentle scent to it before that you could barely sniff out but now it smells like freshly paint wood and that smell is really potent.

Me being a div, decided to carry on using it as it was nearly finished.  Big mistake.  I've got some annoying spots on my forehead and on my cheeks and I know it is because of this as nothing else has changed.  Well, one thing changed but that was weeks before I started using this again.

In conclusion, it does work but be sure to use it up continuously after you've opened it because it goes off fast.  I'm not sure why it went off though, I don't recall it having something special seal that I broke?  Maybe it's because I'd used the pump action.  I can't even type the words pump action without laughing.

Anyway, if your skin is really dry and nothing seems to work, this definitely helps.  It costs £10 and is available from The Body Shop


  1. I wish this worked for me. It is great in summer though especially if you keep it in the fridge.

    I am using Kiehls Midnight thingy and that is helping me with my dry skin at the moment.

    shame about the POA advice!

  2. thats the problem with these natural products u have to be very careful that they havnt gone off.. sounds like a good product for the office.. :)


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