Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Garnier Soft Essentials Rose Water Toner aka the product that saved my dodgy skin

Towards the end of the last year, I had a skin crisis which seemed to be something that would never be fixed.  My skin went from being combination (at best) to being super dry.  My nose and cheeks were really flaky and nothing helped restore adequate moisture.  I used products that left me feeling greasy and yet dry at the same time.  Then I picked this toner up..not expecting great things.

My cynicism was clearly built on a weak foundation as this pink unassuming bottle rescued my skin from the flakes and adequately plumped it back up to its normal self.

I find that being stingy with this is the best way to use it as otherwise, it takes ages to dry and I find myself dabbing my face with a tissue to get some excess moisture off.  I find it makes my skin clean and also gives enough moisturiser so that I don't need to moisturise afterwards.

It does have a smell but it's a nice smell, it's not overly natural or overly synthetic, you can't really notice it unless you sniff it out.

It has really transformed my dull winter skin into my usual non winter skin.  I find it also does the job of a cleanser at times as it is very good at removing City grime that collects on my face on a daily basis.

I have been using it in conjunction with the matching face cream which is surprisingly light considering it is for people with dry skin.

I took this photo when I had just started using it and it is nearly all gone now.

Both this and the moisturiser cost me less than £4 but even at full price I don't think it is too expensive.  The range is currently on offer in Boots (2 for £4).  I haven't linked you up because it's not the website but I've seen them instore!


  1. I use Rose water in a face steam sometimes, I'm not a fan on the smell but I've always heard such positive things about Rose water.

    I'm glad this product has rescued your skin :o) xoxo

  2. This stuff sounds great. I am glad that it works for you. It's even better that it is comfortably affordable too.

  3. I love rose water toners! I was using the Botanics one and though I didn't mind the alcohol, it's not that cheap so will deffo be checking this out in Boots after work.

    I also bought a massive bottle of pure rose water but I'm a bit apprehensive of using it without diluting it somehow?

  4. The packaging looks so lovely ^^ Great that it works for you !
    This range still not available in my country yet. Hope to try it soon ^^

  5. I have tried using rose water a few times and it was quite fine,I did not have any harsh reaction, except that they don't come cheap.. wish it were more affordable :)

  6. This sounds very nice. I don't use toner very often but when I do the only ones I find effective are ones that contain rosewater as this seems to be the only thing that helps to soothe and balance my skin.

  7. Wow this sounds great! I've never found a toner that's moisturising!

  8. oh this sounds like something I need!!! *off to go buy it* !!!! Thank you I hope it does something good to my normal to dry skin!! :))))

  9. Totally agree with this post :) glad that someone else loves it just as much as me!

    Fee x

  10. This sounds amazing. I love Garnier- may have to check it out!

  11. Wow this sounds great!! :) I use plain rosewater whenever my skin is irritated and it works great ;) x


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