Monday, 3 October 2011

The Swatch Files/A Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion squeezy tubes in Sin, Greed, Eden and Original

Heavenly choirs where heard when I held these in my hands for the first time, mainly because I was so excited that I'd never have to faff with the old style Urban Decay Primer Potion bottle again.  Everyone who has ever used UDPP knows what I'm on about..when the dreaded depotting time arrives and you risk going to bed with less digits than you woke up with.
Each shade has a different picture next to it and that did impress me but you know what they say, simple things please simple minds.  Original has a mushroom, maybe because it came with the Alice in Wonderland palette..remember that one?  Greed has a diamond because (I assume) everyone wants diamonds; Sin has an apple..all that Adam and Eve stuff I suppose and Eden has a deer.  I thought that was because of the Garden of Eden but that's more Adam and Eve so I'm not sure why..

They're smaller in length than the old bottle but now you get 11ml where before you used to get 10ml.  Measurement wise, they're about 3/4 inches tall...long?  You can feel that they're jam packed full of primer goodness so I feel the price increase is justified.
Eden and Original are matte primers and thus they show the eyeshadow in an as near as natural state that you can get.  Sin and Greed are shimmery primers and they impart an amount of shimmer.  Greed is more golden and Sin is more of a pinky gold.

I apply them all with my fingers because I use brushes for my eyeshadows.  If you apply your eyeshadows with your fingers, you will have to wash them after applying the primer because it sticks to your fingertips.  
The matte shades (Original and Eden) stick around longer than the shimmery ones (Sin and Greed) but all of them keep your eyeshadow on for more than 12 hours.  I tested all of these out when I was working 15 hour days a few months ago and come the end of the day, my eye makeup was still looking perfect..and I rubbed my eyes a lot during those days.

And here's how they look!
The flash photograph is most accurate re. what the colours look like.

Eden and Original are not as smooth Sin and Greed and to get them out of the tube you have to squeeze a bit harder.  When I was using Sin and Greed, they were more watery and a clear liquid did come out before the primer.  As it's a squeezy tube, shaking it doesn't really help.  Sin and Greed also come out of their tubes a lot quicker than Eden and Original.   Having said that, it's well known that matte shades don't have as much slip as more shimmery products so that is to be expected.

I swatched an eyeshadow over them but I'm not sure how useful these pics are maybe I should have used a darker colour..
Each costs £14.50 and they're available from the usual places.  The extra good news is that they're permanent!


  1. I just recently got the Original in the tube, SO much more convenient! Though I'm not quite sure if I'm still applying the right amount, since it's a bit hard to gauge against the brush from the genie bottle. My eyeshadow has been creasing though so obviously I'm doing something wrong.

    It's cute that they have little pictures next to the names, kind of like how all the Sugarpill Loose Shadows have different pictures too :3

  2. I've had a few emails about that actually, people have bought the new one and now their shadows are creasing. I'm doing some experiments re. how much to use per eye and then I'll report back.

    I think the main problem is that you used to get more on one doe foot application than you do now on a slight squeeze of this. I know that's true because this morning when I blended it into my lid I noticed that before, the colour of my lids would change more significantly whereas now it doesn't.

    It'll be tricky seeing how much is the right amount but I don't mind trading that for the old packaging!

  3. I used these and loved the original one for years but then I started to get little bumps on my lids and it turns out it was down to this! I was mortified because they are EXCELLENT!!!


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