Thursday, 29 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint: Beach 03

Liz Earle's Skin Tint is a product that many a woman had been waiting for.  It's been three and a bit years in the making which is impressive as it's clear they take their time when introducing a new product.

The strategic colour choice of the packaging is not lost on me.  Skincare tends to come in lighter coloured packaging whereas makeup items come in darker tones.  I've very rarely seen foundation in a white tube.
The product is available in three different shades:
  • Bare: This is the lightest shade out there and the site says it is best for alabaster complexions
  • Beige: This is the medium shade and the site suggests that this works best on the majority of Caucasian skintones
  • Beach: This is the darkest shade and the one that I have. 

I have to give major credit to Liz Earle for making a skin tint that is actually usable by Indian women.  I've been trying to find a decent tinted moisturiser for my skin for ages and this is the closest in colour to my skin that I found.  It doesn't help that the lighter skinned Indian women at work are always going on about brilliant tints they've found..tints that are far too light for me.

As my photo of the "neat" swatch shows, there is a fair amount of pigment in this so you don't need much to tint your skin.

Unfortunately, the Sheer Skin Tint makes my skin look orange.  I've tried applying it with a stipple brush, a foundation brush, my fingers, Simon's fingers and with a sponge and it still gives me the same result.  Also, my skin is combination and this has a bit too much slip for my skin type and it makes me look really oily. 
I gave it to my mum and it matched in a lot better with her skin.  It's odd because I would have thought that shade 02 would be better for her but shade 03 works very well and doesn't make her look orange at all..Also, my mum's skin type is normal and this makes her look really dewy.  She's been photographed a few times wearing it and it makes her look younger than she is and it's the only new product she's been using so I can't see it being anything else.

She's been using it every single day for the past three weeks and she reports that there is still a lot of it left.  She uses two tiny blobs per day and that gives her a decent amount of coverage.

It swatches orange on my hand but this photo doesn't really make it clear, I tried and failed to get a photo showing how it actually looked on my hand.  If you look at the top right hand side of my er, hand, you can see the difference in my skintone and the colour of this skin tint.
I swatched it again with the flash on and here you can see the difference.  I suppose I could make it work as a highlighter/blusher but ain't hindsight a bitch? The product is now firmly ensconsed in my mother's clutches.
It retails for £21.00 and you can get it directly from the Liz Earle site.  If you don't want to buy blind, you can buy a sample pack of all three shades  I tried to look for it in the Oxford Street John Lewis but they didn't have it there..I'm sure I checked after it was released and I still didn't see it. 

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  1. Did you find that this product feels a little greasy after a few hours of wearing it?


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