Sunday, 5 June 2011

EOTD: Tastes so good, make you wanna smack yo mamma

Me and Simon, (Simon and I?..You'd think someone who's so hot on her grammatical errors would know which was correct) we went out to eat somewhere nice on Saturday night.  Somewhere nice? As if you'd go somewhere that wasn't nice..

Anyway, we went to Piccolini in Egham.  Well, the official line is Virginia Water but I still call it Egham, but then I also still class Hanwell as Ealing so what does that tell you?

I love this place. The food is really nice and the staff actually explain things to you.  I'm an annoying customer in that I want to know everything about the dish and the more I hear, the more I'm likely to change my mind.  The best thing is, they have quite a few of them.  I would never have guessed that until we came across another one in Exchange Square. 

I should really remember that this post is about makeup and not food but their food is HANDSOME.  Simon has this annoying habit where he will choose something and if he likes it, he'll order that until the end of time.  I don't mind that, that's his choice.  However, what does annoy me is that I always choose something different and he's more than happy to scarf half of that down.  He knows it winds me up so I'm sure he does it more and more on purpose.  I don't help myself though by proclaiming how nice it is, maybe I should start saying it's disgusting.

Back to the makeup!!
I didn't really want a flicked look, I was after a liner presence and I like it,  As you can tell, I still haven't been able to tame the beast that is that Stila pencil and I am on the lookout for one to replace it.  BUT, I'm glad that Stila is coming back to the UK so I can finally pick up the black version of this pencil without spending more than I should.  The eyeliner isn't waterproof at all but it does make eyeliner application easy.  It starts to flake off about 4 p.m when I've put it on at 7 a.m.  Since wearing my blue pencil like this, I have found a way to really smudge it in under my waterline.

What I used..
You'll notice that yet again, there's no mascara.  The answer to this is simple.  We were in a rush and I couldn't find any.

The lips..
Am I the only one who can see a dent in the lower lip?  I got the gloss in question as a GWP when I bought the Boots No7 mirror in the Christmas sales.

Ps, the title of this post comes from one of my favourite film franchises, the Friday films.  If you haven't seen these films then you really should, they're hilarious.


  1. Lovely lipgloss. I love Picollinos! I was supposed to go on Friday but it wass rearerange boooo. The steaks are GORGEOUS! xx

  2. That's a really pretty look - I especially love the pink and the blue together.

    i'm a grammar nerd too and I can give you a quick way to work out if you use "Me and X" or "X and I" - take the other person out of the sentence.

    For example - "Simon and I went out to dinner." It's "I" because if Simon wasn't there you wouldn't say "me went out to dinner".

    "Send the email to me and Simon". It's "me" here because you wouldn't say "send the email to I".

    Hope that helps! :)


  3. I love that bluey purple under the eye!

  4. Binge really suits you! Nice look lady

  5. The black eyeliner looks fine to me, not too Winehouse and the blue adds a nice touch!

  6. pretty look! i did a similar one but wid a liter blue under my came out pretty gud! =D

  7. When and where would i be able to buy Stila in UK?

  8. Although you have said that not to comment your blog unnecessarily I can't keep myself away from commenting.You are so beautiful and your lips is too hot and your blog is so nice.I really loved your all posts.
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