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Benefit's Benetint: Finally a product by Benefit that Indian women can use!

Once in a while, I'm pleasantly surprised by a product that I'd always thought would have been sub-par.  I'm even more blown away as this product is by a brand that is notorious for not being accommodating towards those of us of a darker hue.

I'm talking about Benefit's Benetint, but I'm sure that's already clicked.  As most of my cream blushers left me wanting something that spread easier, I decided to dig this out of my blusher box.  I say box, it's more of a compartment in a plastic tray.
I am a total convert to this product.  I haven't raved about something for ages and that's because I've not found anything to rave about.  I've used it non-stop for weeks which is rare as I'm always chopping and changing my cheek enhancers.  So great is my love for this product that I've given away a fair amount of my powder blushers.

The packaging causes me no ill as I can't really think how else you could package a tint.  It lasts ages on your skin so you don't need to tote it around with you.  The brush is really helpful as it dabs the colour on and then you can just dab and smooth it out with your fingers.

On my cheeks, I apply it with the brush and then blend it with my fingers.  It does stain my fingers but that's easily washed off.  It lasts all day on my cheeks and I'm the kind of person who is always touching her face.  The best thing about this is that it's hard to be heavy handed and therefore application is a dream.  It gives me a natural looking stain on my face and it doesn't even look like I'm wearing blusher which is exactly what I want. 
Slightly phallic swatch on the bottom right there..
I've also started using it on my lips and it gives me a natural looking rosy lip which is something I struggled to achieve before.  The colour does develop so I put on a little bit and then wait about 15 minutes to see how deep it is.  I apply it with the brush and rub my lips together.  It stays on all day despite my eating and it's still there when I brush my teeth in the evening.

As it's a tint, it's a concentrated product so you don't need to use a lot, the photo up there is after weeks of usage and it still looks brand new.

Benefit's Benetint will set you back £24.50 and can be bought from the Benefit site, Boots and Debenhams.  I'm also lusting after their new Cha Cha shade as I've realised that orangey colours work well on me. 


  1. Wow, if that's after weeks of use. It's quite good a little goes a long way. Not bad especially if it sets you back a little.

  2. This looks brilliant, my cheeks are too red as it is but I can't wait to try it on my lips, my lipstick is always gone within 10 seconds of applying! I'm going to try Posietint for my cheeks cause I think it's softer.

    Glamour magazine on the 9th of June has got a choice of 3 Benefit freebies - Benetint, Posietint and HighBeam ... you probably already know that but it's really exciting! I'm going to try & pick up all 3 now I've seen this review :)
    Thanks for the swatches!


  3. LaaLaa Monroe: I really didn't think it would be as good as it is. I've had it used on me in a few Benefit stores but it's so easy to do it yourself at home. You know sometimes you can never make it look the same way the MUA's instore have done it? This makes it so easy.

    Emma: This is really good for lips, mine are probably more pigmented than yours and it gives them a nice rosey tint so it'll come up lovely on yours. You have to literally scrub at your lips to get this off. Thanks for telling me about the Glamour thing, I had no idea! Posietint is too light for me but I'm going to pick up the Highbeam one.

  4. I have a cheap Me Me Me version of this, I used to use it all the time. I love how easy it is to just pop on and get a long lasting natural flush. It looks lovely swatched on your skin. And I giggled at the phallic swatch :P

  5. I've never tried this tint but does sound amazing, will have to try it one day!

  6. Absolutely love using this on the lips and cheeks to create that rosy glow, as I'm not a huge fan of the lippie :) I have that mini double sided pen they did a while back, with Benetint in one end & a thick gloss in the other? Perfect for carrying around :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. I don't think I've tried this? Maybe a swatch but I am really looking forward to seeing how Cha Cha fares, it looks really good! xx

  8. I completely bypassed this product as I just didn't think it would work on my skin tone (NC44.5) but you have convinced me to give it a go! x

  9. I have a little mini of Posietint, and I'll have to see if it's the same as Benetint and develops after a while on the lips, because I tried applying it and it never showed up!

  10. Lillan: I knew you'd appreciate that ;) Have you seen the MeMeMe set they're doing? It contains all their tints in one place and is £15..I only saw it in passing so I'm not sure if that's a good deal or not. Posietint is too light for me but I am itching to see the Cha Cha tint.

  11. Stylefrost: It's really good, I'm hard to please when it comes to blushers but this pleases me!

  12. Aysh: I know the pen..they also have a lipbalm version but I had things where you have to get your fingers dirty. I find that some lipsticks either don't last or dry your lips out but this is a really natural tint and people never guess that my lips aren't really that reddish.

  13. Tass: Me too, I know that Posietint is too bright for me but I can't wait for Cha Cha. I just wish they still did cream blushers because you know how I love those.

  14. Esha: I was exactly the same but I'm using it whenever I can!

  15. SilhouetteScreams: I think the consistency of both is different, I've seen Posietint and it looks a bit more creamier than this so maybe that's why it didn't show up?

  16. Looks like a really good product...especially to achieve a natural gonna have to try this! =D thnx for the details!

  17. It's a lovely product, but alas, I'm allergic to the rose extract - ironically it's a product that's too natural! - and it makes me break out in a rash like a mofo.

    I'm looking forward to trying Posietint in freebie form though - they tried it on someone's lips at the event we went to, and it looked so pretty. I'm also intrigued by Cha Cha Cha, I love mango/peach shades (and um, mangoes and peaches...) x


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