Monday, 2 May 2011

FOTD: Bright lips and strong brows

This is going to be my signature look this summer.  No fuss, no muss!  What exactly does muss mean?  And my boss is adamant that it's no muss, no fuss.  Anyway..I digress.

Even though my eyelids are pigmented, I'm not really insecure about them as I have other things to worry about.  And I'm quite impressed at how clear my skin is..that's all down to The Sanctuary's skincare line..
The plan was to use a mascara which gave me a nice thick set of lashes and a little liner.  The lips were going to originally lipstick and lipstick alone but I wanted something a bit more glossy so the lipgloss came out.  Full lashes also failed as my mascara was on its last legs.

Products used were..
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark
  • MAC Full on Lust lipgloss (typically, this is LE and mine is running dangerously low)
  • Revlon Colourbust in Peach

I had a right old time with the ELF Eyebrow Kit.  When I first used it, it was late at night..  I thought I looked fine until Simon started drawing comparisons to Groucho Marx.  You can kind of see that he was right as this photo demonstrates:
I tried it again the day after whilst getting ready for work in the best lit room of the flat and he still thought I had too much on.  I didn't, I quite liked how my brows looked.  What does everyone else think about them?  I could really do with some help.. 

I'm not sure why the brow looks like it has dandruff, it didn't look like that in real life.  You can also see the stray hairs, I didn't want to tame the whole brow down just incase it looked a bit too fake. 
This photo also makes me realise that I have finished yet another mascara as my lashes look a bit crap whereas before, it made them look brilliant.

Does anyone know how to shade brows in properly? Let me know!


  1. I like your brow shape, I tend to start to fill them in from the middle and then darken them up a the tip..kinda like a gradient effect.

    For me its more natural looking this way

    x x

  2. I really like the lips! I must build up the courage to sport bright lips too! :D

  3. Imo: Thanks hun, I like them too but I find the inner edge is getting a bit thin..well getting, it's always been like that but now I know you can fill it in. That gradient idea seems good. I filled mine in all the way and as you can see, it looked dodgy. I just want to be able to fill them in without them looking fake.

  4. Ki: Thanks! It's much easier in the summer than the winter because the sun helps you look brighter. The Revlon lipsticks are brilliant for Indian people as they add a pop of colour without making you look like a clown.

  5. lmao, @ the Grocho Marx picture. Your brows are no way as heavy & thick, you got a nice shape eyebrows lovely.

    I especially love the lip colour, gorgeous.

  6. I think I'm a little darker than you, but I'm going to look for colorburst peach and try that out! :)

  7. LOL @ Groucho Marx pix.

    I have that kit but haven't used it much and I think I should have got the brow gel instead to tame those straggly hairs.

    I prefer to use a slanted eyeshadow brush (the little Ruby&Millie one) and the light brown shadow in the Sleek Storm palette (the one next to the black). It's the perfect shade for me! I fill them in with with little flecks - if that makes sense? Starting at the inner corner xx

  8. LaaLaa: Thanks :) It's taken me ages to get a decent brow shaping lady and now she isn't leaving my side! You think they don't look bad..they didn't look too bad IRL either but I took some pics with the flash on and I looked like Jordan. NOT A GOOD LOOK!

  9. Ki: It works really nicely on our skintone. I also like their matte colour (Stormy Pink), it is blue based so works well with our colouring. However, I had to put lipgloss over that as it really is matte.

  10. Tass: You've seen me with my brows growing out so you know they look bad!

    I find the ELF brush that comes with the kit is really good, it bends just as I'd like it to and is really good at dragging the colour out. I do have that RnM brush but I found it frayed really badly after I cleaned it.

    The flecks idea seems great, I'll give that a try!

  11. I love your eyebrows in the last photo, and also the colour on your lips - a great look overall for the summer, almost a little Audrey Hepburn-esque!

  12. Beauty Passionista: Thanks hun! It has become my signature summer look but I am running out of the lipstick very quickly!

  13. totally feeling that look !! there just arent enough hours in the day for high maintenance make up! bright lips seem to do the job x

  14. Smaira: I totally agree, that's how I get myself looking polished in a rush. I really want to try some lip tints and see if they work.

  15. LOOOOOL at the pics in the middle of the post! I don't think your eyebrows look too bold, I like them. And combined with colorful, juicy lips... perfect!! :) x

  16. Stravroula: Thanks hun! I either do bright lips and no eye makeup or soft lips and the Urban Decay liners. Easy as you'd like!

  17. fab post - i do like bold brows and indeed super glad that big brows are now currently big fall trend! woohoo!! gr8 post (late comment - though better late then never)


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